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Ronix Wakeboard


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Looks like a sweet board at a good price! I ride an ibex but would really like to get my hands on a One.. Just need to try a couple and see what fits best for you.

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Definitely demo because you'll need to know what style of board you prefer 3 stage rocker, hybrid, or continuous. Ask any shop in town most have some demos and will charge $20-$30 bucks and will apply it to the purchase of a board. If you’re a beginner I'd suggest figuring out which of these types of design you prefer then search out those board w/ those characteristics. The krush is a Hybrid three stage board should be softer landings but you'll need to work a bit more to get the pop off the wake. Checkout the rise bindings or now called the Faith Love Hope boot. You’ll like it with cooler water with an enclosed toe rather than open on the Blur. It can also prevent your feet from moving forward in the binding.

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Since your just getting starting you should look into a liquid force or hyperlite board and save some cash.

Keep in mind that a LF board binding holes aren’t drilled as deep as other board manufactures. You’ll need to make sure to get shorter screws to make non LF bindings work on a LF board. FYI

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Closed toe bindings are not really an advantage for cold water as water will still get in their. The advantage that they offer is holding your foot in place and allowing you more board control. If you are serious about wakeboard, or at least intend on being serious, get yourself a good pair of closed toe boots.

I have the Ronix One and I love the board but I have a friend that doesn't like it because it breaks loose too easily. It is all personal preference. Demo is a great idea.

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So how is the "One" different from the "KRUSH"? I see more than a few people talk about the One-I know, I need to look it up and read the differences, but it's easier to just ask all of you experienced people. :) I like the demo idea, this wasnt offered at the local dealership, but I didnt ask either. When you say "breaks loose too easily" that sounds kinda scary....This is a used board I came across and thought it sounded like a good deal. Thanks for all the help!

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First, the One is a mens board. It is way more advanced. The edges are different as well as the rocker. The fins are also a lot more low profile for a looser feel. The Krush is a more comparable to the mens Vault IMO.

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From the website:



A series of boards that understand your body is working against the boat on a toeside edge. Designed with additional grip on your toeside, and a floatier ride and a quicker release on your heelside. Redefining the versatility of board shapes for toe/heelside demands. When you are riding heelside your body is facing the boat with natural balance. While riding toeside your shoulders are facing the boat and your hips are crossed up. Toeside is an unnatural position without as much effective edge in the water. Every aspect of the rocker line, sidecut and variable rails of the Krush is designed for maximum edge hold on your toeside, while still giving you freedom to break free on your heelside.


Toeside rail is thinned out to sit deeper in the water along with a wider profile with less sidecut riding higher up the wake with a bigger sweet spot

Heelside rail has a more vertical sidewall with less resistance on the water, and more sidecut for a quicker release

Artwork – iridescent glitter sublimated top/flock chrome sticker

4 molded fins

2 fiberglass 1.3” fins

Designed with the every day rider in mind


The round rails thru the center with a new angled bevel prevent that all too familiar edge catching a digger, and create an even mellower transitioned carve

Thin profile reducing swing weight

Clean center bottom design – leaves the wake and lands with more forward momentum so there is no need for big channels to reduce the impact on landings

New side vents – for a stronger grip up the wake

Directional R3 Technology – ride the board the way it was intended to be ridden with the carbon maintaining the original rocker line

Krypto Cable - makes the sidewalls the strongest part of the board – not the weakest, along with a torsionally stiffer board

Mod Pour - this demanding alternative core is new for this year made from our exclusive blend of carbon and atoms

Artwork – screened UV clear top/2 – 2 piece black chrome Ronix emblem /2 gold foils/pearl and flake metallic ink

4 fiberglass 1.0” fins and 4 fiberglass .8” slider fins (slider fins come with sintered base option only)

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Keep in mind that a LF board binding holes aren’t drilled as deep as other board manufactures. You’ll need to make sure to get shorter screws to make non LF bindings work on a LF board. FYI

Malibudude, you sure have gotten knowledgeable with so much time on the dark side!

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When you say "breaks loose too easily" that sounds kinda scary

It means the soft rails on the middle of the board (variable rail technology means rounded edges in the middle and hard edges on the tip and tail). This makes the board easier to slide sideways, not for beginners. Think about boardsliding the wake (board sideways on the lip of the wake), now with a board that doesn't break loose easily you could easily catch an edge and get whipped down into the water. With the Ronix One and boards like it you are less likely to catch an edge. Now if you land a spin but over or under rotate a bit, your board will be more forgiving and not as easily catch an edge. It allows you to not only learn tricks with more forgiveness but also do more "on the water" tricks.

This is not a beginners board since it doesn't track well in the water and doesn't sit as high on the water as beginner baords do. It requires a rider that knows how to ride and jump with comfort.

I highly recommend this board unless you are a beginner.

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