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Steering cable replacement

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Save yourself $200 and do it yourself. First unbolt 4 bolts on back of steering column which attaches steering mech.(metal rack and pinion box)Remove side carpeted panel the covers the cable hole. It's at the side of where you left leg would be when driving. (4 phillips screws) Then pull up rear floor.

Then spend an hour in tight quarters unbolting the end of cable at the rudder. 2 bolts top and bottom... Pull cable off bolt. You can pull the rudder arm or turn steering wheel to get it closer to you. Then take off nut on cable at rudder.

Saw off the cable at the end next to metal rack and pinion mech. at steering wheel with a hack saw. The mech. will not fit thru the hull holes. Then gray tape the rudder end of the new cable to the end you sawed off about 1 foot long. This will alow you to pull the new cable thru. Now Pull at the rudder end and work it thru at the front end. When you work it thru. Untape , stick the rudder bolt thru the cable end an into the rudder arm. Spend another hour tightening the nuts in tight quaters. Then tighten cable nut at rudder end. If the nut won't reach the threads, turn rudder to pull cable more and the rod will go further back and you can screw it on now. Half done. Now make sure your rudder is straight and the steering wheel is too. Now Attach the new rack in pinon block to the steering wheel. Replace side panel and floor. I hope this helps. It saved me $200 and a 2 week wait.

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The cable for my 2000 response Lx was a 15 foot Teleflex ssc13415 then upgrade high perf. cable is teleflex ssc15415. make sure you get a teleflex. If you try to get it though (malibu dealer) STUCKEY'S EXTREME IN CABOT ARKANSAS, GOOD LUCK!!!!!! You will get the run around and pay extra $$$$$$.

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Re: "Saw off the cable with a hack saw."

I'd like to add that if you don't have a reciprocating saw, borrow or buy one unless you want to saw for 2 hours. And get a blade for steel!

This is what the inside of the cable you're cutting looks like.


My 2004 VLX took 19' cable. Part 22210 from SkiDIM http://skidim.com/prodinfo.asp?number=TELSSC15419


I've got the ends disconnected, but how do I disconnect from where this cable is mounted on the boat?

When I turn the big nut that's attached to the cable (farthest on the right), it also turns the cable and threads etc.

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