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vlx set-up


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I bought my first boat last fall and taught myself how to wakeboard as I don't really have any friends who wakeboard - have been out about 20 times. Can't do any tricks yet or jump the entire wake, but I want to figure out how to do a wake to wake jump and get my boat set-up correctly. I weigh about 220 and have a 07 VLX Wakesetter with bow, center and rear ballast. Up until now I've been using a rope length of 55 ft and speed of 18 MPH. But after doing some research, it looks like I should be more at 60 and 20 --- does that sound right? What I'm really clueless about is how to use the ballast and wedge --- seems like I use a different set-up every time I go out. When I go out it's either me, wife and two little kids or 4-6 adults. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Until you can jump wake both directions (land on the downslope), I would recommend 55-20 with no weight and no wedge. That will be as non-intimidating as possible and a pretty narrow wake to jump. From there, I'd let rope out to 60 and adjust speed to your liking (but the faster you go the narrower the wake will get). Then, add weight, starting with center ballast, then rear, and only then start wedge. The wedge really changes the kick of the wake, and if you're just learning, no need to create more trouble for yourself.

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55 ft rope, 500lbs in belly, hundred or 2 in rears, wedge down.............. 20 mph

gives you good wake, wedge I beleive smooths it out (not so peaky.........longer).......

giddy up....

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Man, 55-60' rope seems reeeeaaaallly short, even for a beginner. If you're riding that short of a rope the pull is going to seem really fast because you always have a ton of line tension. If you have that much line tension the rope/handle is going to be constantly pulling you in one direction or another, never giving you a chance to collect yourself or stand up straight.

Maybe I'm off base here, but I would bump that rope length out to 70' and run at 20mph. I learned at 75' and 22mph and I don't think it hampered my progression.

As far as ballast: Just do the same thing every single time (whatever it is) and remember:

-Weight in the back will make your wake bigger.

-Weight in the front will make it wider.

-It is positively essential that the weight is evenly distributed side to side or your wake will be crumbly.

-The ratio should be 60-65% in the back (or behind the midpoint of your boat) and 35-40% in the bow (or forward of the center point)

-The wedge, in my experience, makes the wake firmer and more peaky or pointy. Definitely more 'poppy'.

Anyway, good luck. (and trust me on the rope thing, you'll be amazed at the difference in feel) :)

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Go about 20-25. Rope length 70 or so. Fill the center balast full. Then put one in each backs, and one bar in the front. Then keep going for your wake. Use the wedge as a last resort.

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Everyone will suggest something different, the fact of the matter is that the 07 VLX will have a nice wake with no ballast or all ballast, with or with out wedge. It's all preference. Speed plays a part for sure, I would run at or around 20 MPH, and keep the rope short 55' when you are ready to attempt a wake to wake jump. But until then keep the rope longer around 70' or 75', by doing this you have time to work on your approach into the wake and won't have to worry about the other side of the wake coming at you so quick. I see a lot of riders come off the first lip nice but they are not ready for the secound lip and face plant. Once you fill comfortable then shorten the rope and go for it. Once you start getting the W2W at 55' and you start over shooting it then start to move back. Save your gas and work on technique you don't need full ballast it will keep you on the water longer. Now don't get me wrong full ballast, wedge and 8 people on the boat is awesome, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. Good luck and definately check out some of the how to on the internet. Wakeworld has a section of helpful videos also. Good luck and have fun

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