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High-schooler has it 'Made' on MTV show

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From the local newspaper, the Austin American Statesman. The Wakeboard school and instructor they mention is a local Central TX Watersports/Malibu sponsored rider, so we may see some Malibu shots in this...


Lake Travis High junior Joan Uyvari got a chance to make it as a wake boarder.

By Diane Holloway


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Watch for Joan Uyvari, 16, to transform herself from ordinary Lake Travis girl into fabulous Lake Travis wake boarder on tonight's episode of the MTV series "Made."

Never seen "Made"? Check it out. It's a reality series with lots of heart, which is practically unheard of on MTV. Each week a candidate sets out on a mission to transform his or her life from nerd to football star, plain Jane to homecoming queen, etc.

Uyvari auditioned in February, when the show came to Lake Travis High in search of contestants. She was one of 7,500 teens from all over the country to be called back for filming. She made the cut again when the whittling went down to 20.

"They came out and filmed me here, I guess to decide if I was good enough, and I had a weird feeling about it," Uyvari says last week during lunch break at school. "I guess I was good enough."

Uyvari, who had never been on a wake board in her life, worked with Lake Travis-based Billy Garcia, aka Billy G, a champion wake boarder who coaches at Free Ride Wakeboard School. Filming started in mid-May and wrapped the end of July.

"I wasn't scared . . . more anxious," Uyvari says. "It was a tough environment for me because I'm pretty innocent and naive. But it was fun."

Having a camera in her face was challenging, too, but Uyvari is happy she did it and looking forward to her TV debut.

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I flipped over while watching the baseball game and know the girls coach! Good ol Billy Garcia, used to be a pro, but many knee injuries set him back.

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Ok it come's on at 10 here in Ca. So you East Coast guys what happened. I just think its funny that they take some looser and try to turn them into someone popular. I would have been one to make the show.

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Lambchop did her or did she do Lamchop? ROFL.gif They panted Lt on lambchop, then 2 hrs late for class Cry.gif .

Boomer that looks like a great place to live. Nice clean beaches, but the water looked. Well like the Delta in Ca. ROFL.gif

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I have it Tivo'd but haven't watched it yet. Not sure about the Delta reference, heh. We do have one river people ride that gets a little muddy way down, but most areas here are very clear water.

I need to watch it tonight and see where it was filmed...

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My review:

I just saw this episode and all I can say is, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SHUT THE F*CK UP AND STOP CRYING. This girl is incredibly annoying.

Nice Malibu though.

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Billy G looked like a cool person, but ya! that chick needs to shut the -- up Cry.gif . It was so funny that some popular boy and girl just so happened to show up and help her out. I think it was just to get on TV. The vlx looked sweet and the riding was great. If it wasn't for it being about WB I would have turned it with in 5 min.

Boomer look at the first time she hoped into the water with all the floating weeds and the head on that fish was huge.

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Boomer look at the first time she hoped into the water with all the floating weeds and the head on that fish was huge.

Ok I watched it, and liked it, which isn't surprising since I live here. Billy G is a trip, lol. I agree, the girl was way whiny though.

I also saw that shot of the nasty water. The water in lake Austin is pristine and clear, super clean, but I guess they put the camera down near the mud she was kicking up, along with some hydrilla, etc.

Anyway, I got a kick out of the show, very cool.

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I watched it, sadly, I just dont get this whole MTV thing, its soooo stupid, she wanted to wakeboard to fit in and be cool. She was saying how all these girls are rich and all of that, you see her house? that was a nice house. Dont know if it put wakeboarding how I would have presented it to the masses. but it took me a few years to get that good... Cry.gif

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Yeah I didn't understand that comment about how all the popular girls are rich and shes not...her house looked pretty darn nice to me. I hate on those shows also are the people who are only nice to her because the camera is around. Like the girl who just happened to walk up and start talking to her, then offer her a ride on her jet ski just so she could be on TV.

Also, now that the episode has aired everyone is going to know how much of a cry baby she is, how low of self esteem she has, and how much she is obsessed with that one guy...thats really embaracing! (sp?)

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