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2010 Boating Season

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We FINALLY made it onto the lake today. :yahoo:

Between work and other family obligations, we just hadn't had the time to go, but after getting off work a little early today, the wife and I headed up to Castaic for a shake down cruise for a couple hours.

All did not go perfectly, however. When we pulled up to the pay station/gaurd gate, he asked if I had my current registraion. I said yes; he asked me where. I said on the boat. He said nope, it's got a 2009 sticker. Son-of-a-.......... :loser:

Thinking the day was over, the wife asked if I wanted to go home and look for it, then head back if we found it. I was in a total funk thinking I was going to have to go to the DMV for a replacement stiker. We got home and sure enough it was in my desk with the rest of my Malibu stuff. I think it came while the boat was at the shop, and I forgot to put it on after the boat came home.

We slapped the sticker on and jammed back up to the lake and had a perfect evening. EVERYTHING worked perfect.

I LOVE MY WIFE, I LOVE MY MALIBU!!! :cheers::werule:

Here's to a great boating season for everyone!

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I did the same thing on my pontoon. I put it in and docked it about a week later the wife and I are going on another ride and it hit me. The new registration stickers are in a draw in the closet. The Bu I remembered. :Doh:

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Good for you, still had a nice day.

I did that a couple of years ago. Saw the patrol boat on the lake, figured I'd just cruise over to him and "get it over with". Grandparents, wife, kids all in the boat. I know I'm legal, everything is always set, this way I can get the inspection done and not wait for him to track me down. I wave, ask him how he's dong, all that stuff. He's giving me a weird look. After I shut up he says "You know your registration is expired?" "No sir, just renewed it last month, so that's impossible, look at the sticker right here......oh snap. The sticker is still in the house." He just laughed. I point across the lake "I live right over there, I can go get it if you follow me.." He said it's OK, he believes me. I still made a bee line to the house and applied the sticker, then drove by him slowly and got a thumbs up while he was inspecting another boat. Funny.

And it's a 3 year here in Michigan.

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