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V Drive clunking (or rattling at low speed)

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Have a Hurth Ski-Vee ZF-45. Heard a rattling or clunking just above idle in forward. Goes away at speed. Dealer said the feed back from Indmar is this is normal...just some loosness in the V-drive, my dealer has seen this in the past in other boats. Dealer had it logged as a warranty claim incase this issue gets worse and I am out of warranty. My dealer is excellent and this ceratinly wasn't a brush off by them. They were sharing the direction from Indmar. Anyone had this issue?

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I have not experienced that but :thumbup: to malibu and your dealer by the way they handled it, did they give you any idea how long they will hold that warranty "reservation" for you?

I was just talking with my dealer today, who represents at least 3 other boat manufacturers, long story short, we should all appreciate malibu and they're warranty process :rockon:

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When I first brought it in the dealer thought it might be the flex plate as it is common but not on the 08s. My warranty i up in September so I don't think it will be infinite but may a cover a few months past... truefully I didn't ask..woops

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Depends on exactly where the sound is coming from. The symptoms sound like the damper plate issue symptoms, but that would be coming from between the engine & transmission, not the v-drive. I don't remember seeing anyone on here with a damper plate failure in an '08 - they were more common in '05's.

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Mine is doing it too. I am afraid mine is the damper plate from reading posts in the past. I will probably change it at the end of this summer - or earlier if it grenades.


Funny, I am thinking the exact same thing on mine. It is making some noise on occasion. If I ease into the throttle it wont make noise but if I hammer it she'll rattle a little bit.

There is one thing I haven't ruled out yet and you might try it too. I am going to listen for it with the wedge up and the wedge down. I noticed that my wedge has enough play in it to rattle pretty good when the prop wash hits it. I will want to rule this out before I go to all the work.

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Just for the heck of it, check the 4 bolts that hold the prop shaft to the transmission flange. My 06 made a similar rattle at idle last season... Today, I was checking my shaft packing and just happened to look at one of these bolts and the nut was almost off. When I spun the prop, another one was almost as loose and the two remaining bolts were finger tight. They're stainless bolts with brass nuts, but I added a bit of locktite to help hold them in place.

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I'll check the coupling bolts. It had an alignment last fall, it was quite a bit out of alignment needed the motor to be moved to get it back in spec. I was thinking the extra load and not typical load in the vdrive due to the misalignment may have worn something prematurely but we will see...

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