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Depth finder alarm on maliview

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I am on a lake with shallow water and the alarm of the depth finder is beeping all the time!!!

Does someone know how to stop it? :throwpc:

I read in a topic that i need to put the shallow water level on 0 (ft-meter) and it should turn the alarm off (i have the maliview).

I did it but no result! :(

And i don't want to cut the wire...

Thank you so much,

Rommass (a french guy).

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We're on a lake that gets pretty stirred up by the middle/end of the season and makes the depth guage read under 1 foot inaccurately. I rewired an LED light into the alarm instead of the buzzer. I'd much rather there be a light in my face than an alarm since we have the stereo up pretty loud most of the time.

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I hate that alarm!! i turned mine off. It constantly goes off when docking or pulling your boat out. I had mine set at 4ft. :rant:

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I am wakeboarding in deeper water, and there's no problem. But each day i need to take a fairway when i come back to the marina and at this moment the alarm doesn't stop beeping!

And the other problem is that there's more and more algaes which start to grow up, and the alarm beep each time i cross them!

Can someone tell me how to stop this f****** Alarm?

I don't wanna cut the wire, and it doesn't work when the shallow water level is on 0 ft-meter in the maliview setup! :(

Sorry for my poor english, hope you understand me! :unsure:

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Mine is set to 3 feet and goes off in weed beds and as the weeds grow higher toward the surface with warmer water temps, it's getting worse. I just kill it manually (dont have maliview) and deal with it. It's usually pretty short bursts.

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You may have to check with Malibu. In the meantime set it for 1 foot. At least it won't set off on anything deaper.

Ok i will contact malibu boats, i was thinking someone in this forum could help me. :thumbup:

I don't want to set the alarm for 1 foot cause in France we use the meter unit. The own problem is that 1 meter corresponding to 3 feet, and can not go under 1 meter.

I set it for 0 meter, but nothing changes: it beeps again! :cry:

Let you know if malibu boats give me an answer...


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