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Just Bought 95 Malibu Response

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Hi all,

I just picked up a 95 Malibu Response a couple weeks ago. It's got the 5.7L EFI Mercruiser. When I bought it I knew it was in need of a tuneup, but I took it out for the weekend anyways.

The first day it ran ok, but the 2nd day...it started to want to drop down to idle/stall when I got on the gas, normally past 2500 rpms. It started and idled ok, but once warmed up it didn't want to let me open it up. I'm guessing that the plugs, wires, cap/rotor need replacing (since the original owner had never changed any of these).

The boat is in the dealer getting the following:

- new V-Belts

- Trans fluid change

- Spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, and timing adjusted

- Fuel filter

- New impellar and impellar housing (housing was cracked and leaking)

- New speedo sensors

So my questions to you guys:

1) Should my issue be fixed with this tune-up? (it only did when the boat was fully warmed up, so I'm not sure the dealer will be able to recreate it unless they lake tested for quite a while).

2) Is there anything else I should check/change?

Any advice you guys have would be great, since I'm not too familiar with these boats.


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tune should cover the big pic - nice call on the impeller& housing & speedo sensor - unless there's something bigger - you should be good

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Thanks for the quick replies.

I lake tested before I bought. But only for about 10 minutes. I knew it needed the tune, since it would only max at about 4000 rpm's. The guy was the original owner, and had all maintenance records from the dealer, so I was comfortable with it. He seemed to have taken good care of it, but just hadn't had to do a major tune-up yet. It has 450 hours.

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Have the dealer check the fuel pump and the check valve in the tank.

Second on the fuel filter I think there is one in the carb also. Also check the carb out also they can get gummed up fast. The primary jets are huge and the secondary jets and smaller. I do not know what rpm they kick in.

My 05 ran great but had carb issues I tore apart and that is what I found. That boat ran in the mid to upper 40's at around 5500

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Did the dealer use the word - "speedo Sensors"? Can you elaborate on that? There isn't anything to those except a pickup, hose, and a guage - FYI.

Just trying to make sure you aren't getting sold on something like a johnson rod.

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Did the dealer use the word - "speedo Sensors"? Can you elaborate on that? There isn't anything to those except a pickup, hose, and a guage - FYI.

Just trying to make sure you aren't getting sold on something like a johnson rod.

Speedometer pickups is what I meant.

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Good luck and let us know how she runs after the tuneup.

Well, I got the boat back today and dropped it in the water for a quick run. It idles and runs perfect at low speeds, much better after the tune-up. It ran good at high speed for a bit, but once it got up to operating temperature it started to cut out again! It's definitely better than before performance wise, but the issue is still there. It almost feels like a rev limiter that drops it down to idle, but if you keep the throttle down it will stall itself. However if you bring it back to nuetral it will stay running.

I can't see it being the fuel pump because it would not be sporadic like that and would do it regardless of engine temperature.

It seems like something electronic, maybe something with the EFI system.

Any ideas? I'm going to take it back to the dealer. They said they lake tested it after the tune-up, but maybe they didn't run it long enough to create the problem.

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Hey Ballast Buddy,

Did you ever find anything out about the full throttle cut-out?

My boat is doing the same.


Yes. The inline fuel filter/fuel screen was clogged up, starving the engine at higher RPM. The dealer cleaned the screen and cleaned out the gas tank. Runs excellent now!

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