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scarpa plate

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im sure this has been discussed before but i couldnt find it on old threads.

what effect does the scarpa plate have on slalom wakes if any? also , does the wedge in the up position effect the slalom wakes at all?

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I have had one on my 2003 RLXi for the past 2 years for this purpose -- but read on.

The plate flattens the wake (less height) , makes it a little wider, and much harder. I ski mostly at 22off at 32 & 34 mph, and have the plate flexed quite a bit.

I think the height of the wake is about 1/2 as much, and the wake is probably 1 to 1 1/2 feet wider, it's the hardness which is the killer. I have a really hard lean and weigh quite a bit so my ski will still slice thru the wake, my buddies that don't lean as hard and are lightweights hit the wake and the ski will jump off the water for them. The last week of the season I took the plate off and we all preferred the characteristics of the softer wake.

An aside to this is that on one of the recreational slalom runs (albeit with the plate on), I had somebody sitting up in the bow relaxing -- right away noticed that the wake almost disappeared. Then when I took a trip to Coble's Ski school, I noticed they had 120-150# of dumbell weights under the bow seating (although in a Mastercraft 197). So I think before I put the plate back on next season I will try putting 150# of weight up in the front of the RLXi to see what happens. Then experiment with the plate some more but probably with much less flex on the plate.

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thanks for the reply. i will definaelty not be putting the plate on. i was hoping to soften the wake. i find the wake at 15-22 a tad harder than on my 197. it seems like the rlxi is set up to favor shortline skiers. its not that noticable really . ill just have to perfect 22 and get into 28-32.

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i find the wake at 15-22 a tad harder than on my 197. it seems like the rlxi is set up to favor shortline skiers.

Don't have experience with the plate. Regarding hardness of the wake....I have a SLXi and until this season I was running the stock SS prop. I had always thought that the wake on my boat was a tad on the hard side. Especially in the 30-34 mph range but it was still pretty stiff at 36. This year I switched to an OJ XMP 13X11.5 cnc prop. The hardness of the wake dissapeared. I was amazed the first time I skied behind it!!! I know that Bu spends a lot of time matching props to their boats and they know a heck of a lot more about than I do but it might be worth a try. Some folks on this site have really liked the Acme that comes on the new boats and some have found that the OJ outperforms the Acme with their boat. I think Oj does a trial period on their props.

Just food for thought.

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