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Additional Built in Ballast Help


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I have a 2003 23LSV (Diamond Hull). Crew primarily surfs on the starboard (goofy) side. We have established that we can get a decent wave with factoy rear ballast full, factory center ballast 1/2 full, 550 in the rear locker, 300 under the starboard side seat (behind the driver), and a 550 on top of the starboard side seat (behind the driver) and the manual wedge down.

Already own:

(6) new 1100gph Rule bilge pumps.

(2) Launch pad 550's

(1) Launch pad 300

Plus rear and center factory ballast and pumps. I believe there are (6) 750gph pumps on the factory system.

I am also considering picking up a 750 for the rear locker instead of the (2) 550's. Then everything can be hidden under the seats and in the rear lockers.

Any suggetions on what would be the best way to integrate what we have into an easy to use automated system. Need to do something to cut down the current filling and draining time.

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truly automated?- ( you dont need to get out of your seat? ) run new switches ans drill holes for new pumps.

Kinda automated and the need to turn some valves - easy do a search for three way valves. Alot of us have done it some of us have moved on but It can be done.

Personaly I mounted the three way valves and used them for a season this season I plumbed everything in on individual swiches so no need to get out of my seat.

If your going to buy a new bag look at the new fly high 1000# surf sac for your locker. I plumbed mine in and definatly better thatn the 750 in my opinion. :biggrin:

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Integration with the factory system in the rear lockers of your 2003 is fairly straight forward. On a 23 you'll definitely want to upgrade to the Jumbo V-Drive Surf Sac, as the additional capacity offers a noticeable improvement in the surf wake.

If you want to automate ALL of the bags that's going to be a little more work, and require some additional parts, but it's definitely still doable without a lot of trouble.

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The more weight you add to the front half of the boat the longer the wake will get, which makes the power zone larger and more forgiving. This does come at the cost of some height though, so it's important to have enough weight in the rear of the boat on the side that you're surfing on before you start to add weight up front.

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Seems like a good place to start would be to add two of these (one to each side): http://www.bakesonline.com/detail.aspx?ID=1849

How much, and to what effect, does adding side locker (especially for goofy riders) and bow ballast help in addition to the rear ballast?

For us, the side weight really helps with the push and some with the wake length, However, bow weight doesn't seem to help much. But it could be because we don't have enough to counter the weight in the back and the extra weight of the 8.1 engine.

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Good advice so far. I definitely would think twice about putting 1100 in the locker and nothing up front. If you haven't found much success with weighting the front so far, have two people sit in the front up against the edge or even on the gunnel while someone is riding. Putting adequate weight up front really lengthens the whole wake, including the sweet spot. For everything but freestyle surf riding this is better for advanced riders.

For instance, when someone is working on their surface 360's, I will increase the height of the wake (mostly with speed and some VAB) so that they get more speed. However, once people are comfortable with the spin I'll flatten the wake out a bit since it's actually easier to 360 on a shallower wave.

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