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Battery Size

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I just bought a used 1992 201 Sunsetter and have taken it out once. It overheated due to the impellar being pretty much gone. I nursed back top the dock trying to keep it on plain to keep the temperature around 175. Stopped at the dock went and got the truck but when I came back the boat did not have enough juice to turn the motor over. Put the boat on the trailer took it home and fixed the impellar. Took the battery to the Auto Parts store along with the alternator and both checked out fine. They did charge the battery up for me but said it was fine. Put everything back and when I went to start the boat it would just slowly turn over like the battery was low? I have bought another battery which is larger and does not fit in the hole where the old battery was at and it is 875 cca but it did not start the boat either, it did turn over better but still never spun the engine fast enough for it to start? What size cranking amps should be in the boat? Any help would be appreciated my family wanted to go out in the boat all weekend and I have worked on it everyday with no luck, Thanks

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Corroded Terminals ?

Terminals not tight enough ?

Starter motor got wet one time when the plug was left out and the bilge flooded ?

Solenoid got wet same as above ?

Some remedies:

Carry 12 foot # 2guage (never #6 guage) jumper cables.

Figure a secure way to go to a bigger battery. Check out the parts store for hold downs.

Install a quick release battery terminal clamp so that the battery is disconnected between trips.

I don't have these battery issues but I have jumpered others who have.

More frequent battery replacement.

The little portable car charger devices are too small. Buy big jumper cable instead.

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Sounds to me like your starter is the culprit. And that last hot run was enough to finish it off. Cable corrosion, like mentioned above can also cause current flow problems. Don't always look at electrical problems with the thought of throwing a bigger battery at it. Hunt down the root cause of your problem and think of logical remedies. This saves unnessessary expences and labor.

The last few sentences are not aimed at the OP, but more of a generalized thought for everyone.

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Thank you for the help. It did have extra water in it the one time we took it out? After we test drove it when I bought it there was no water in the bottom of the boat and the bilge pump was the only electrical item not working at that time. (I have fixed the bilge with a new pump) We left the plug in the bottom of the boat because it had no water in it to drain out. I brought it home put the cover on it and did not realize that it had rain water in the bottom of the boat from a 1 inch rain till after we came home from our madien voyage where the impellar came apart and the boat ran warm. When we came home I lifted the engine cover and noticed quite a bit of water in the bottom of the boat and could not figure out where it came from, opened the bottom drain plug and let it out. Later I remembered the rain from about a week earlier and realized it must have been setting in the boat before we took it out? Can I pull the starter and have it checked at the auto parts store? How much is a new marine starter? The boat had a alternator and starter put on it around 2006 it looks like. (The alternator has a 2006 sticker and the starter looks newer than 1992?) I also took the belt off of the raw water pump and it seemed to turn over better but still never started? Could I have gotten the wrong impellar from West Marine? They looked it up for me and pulled the part but it was very tight to put in, had to use a zip tie around it to get it started in the pump hosing and then cut it off and slide it in. Pretty hard to turn by hand? I had never installed one before, my previous boat was an outboard Ski Centurion Barefoot Warrior which was older and never had any issues with. I have a family now and need more room and a safer back deck. Thanks for the help, this site is very helpful.

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Marine starter (without checking) are about $ 200 ?

Pull a part number and search the internet.

Possibly about twice as much as the automotive replacement that fits.

Submerging these starters a couple of times or extended periods seems to kill them. Has not happened to me but has to my buddies.

Marine Starter supposedly is a different item but I do not know for sure. Chime In RuffDawg if your out there.

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Marine starters are different. They are better sealed electrically to avoid any sparking or arcing.

But most of the parts are the same. I have had mine repaired at an automotive rebuild shop that knew the difference and kept the marine starter a marine version.

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Boat finally fired up today, left new battery on charger over night at 2 amps. I have started the boat 20 times through out the day and fired right up each time. I think even though the Auto Parts store said my battery was good I think it was bad? If I could get some water back in the boat from the fake a lake I would be ready to go I think. Do I have to prime the raw water pump to get water back up to the engine? Thanks

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