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Boat storage summer/winter - what should I do?

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Need some thoughts on my boat storage situation. Currently, I store the boat outside at storage faculty during summer (but keep the pad year round at cost of $300). Winter (6 month cold/snow Utah winter) I store the boat inside at our dealers facility (approx cost $400).

I now have the chance to store our boat in a covered unit during summer. It is 3 sided facility with row of 10-15 boats/rv's etc with no walls between each boat etc, but covered overhead and on each end of the facility. For sure it is better storage in summer but cost is $75 a month. To keep the spot (waited 2yrs for one to open) I would need to pay year round so $900 for year.

What are thoughts on that storage situation for Winter storage. Anyone have similar winter storage situation. While it is protected I am worried about how well it would work, and if I should shrink wrap the boat also or if the normal cover would keep it clean enough. Thanks for feedback.

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Up until now you have gotten a pretty good deal-$700 a year for nice storage. I think you have to keep the indoor winter storage. So then you just have to decide if you want the covered summer storage or not. If you go the covered summer storage route, it is still a good yearly deal at $1300. :guns:

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Our boat lives outdoors year round. Although I'm not really Happy about it indoor storage anywhere near me is over 500/month. As far as cleanliness, it survived the winter fine. Just swing by every big storm and check the snow load. I look at it this way, it's free and when it's up to the rub rail in snow I don't have to worry about UV damage.

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Just a thought, but $900 a year isn't that much money when we are talking about protecting your investment. However, is there anyway of putting a roof overhead of your boat at your house? Even if it is something that is temporary for the summer and you take it down for the winter. Like an awning or something to slide your boat under to protect is from the elements.

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Wrap it up and stick it outside. It will be fairly well protected with the roof over it so you don’t have to worry about snow or rain.

Seems like it would only protect from rain or snow if there's no wind. If it's windy, snow could definitely drift into a three sided building.

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Thanks for the replies. With the 3-sided covered storage there is really no way for any snow or rain to effect the boat. I am going to see how 'clean' the boat stays over the next month or so from wind/dust etc., and that should give a decent idea how things could be during the winter.

I would prefer not to shrink wrap the boat and just use a cover I have that goes over the swim deck and below rub rail.

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