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Lake Powell - Wahweep Marina

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So we're heading to Powell again this year and we are going to be launching out of Wahweep instead of Bullfrog Marina like we normally do. This is going to be awesome because the weather will be better and hopefully the water will be a little bit warmer. The only problem that now presents itself is where to go. Out of bullfrog we know as soon as you hit escalante that you can find any number of amazing spots to pull off and find glass water all day long. Now that we're going into uncharted territory for our group we are looking for a little help from somebody that maybe has some experience from that side of the lake.

Anybody have any good spots that they're willing to reveal? Even a mile marker turnoff would be helpful. Just looking for any input that might steer us down an awesome cove that would have possibility of giving us some glass to shred every day.

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My favorite is Last Chance Bay Its big with lots of fingers, very scenic, and lots of places put a houseboat.

Rock Creek bay is more scenic but smaller so depending on the time of year you may not find as many hiding places. September is a great time to go if want awesome weather and the place to yourself. You won't be disappointed with either, my personal guarantee. :biggrin:

We spent four days one year way up the San Juan River arm and had total glass. We were beach camping out of the BU with plenty of gas though. I don't think it would be feasible to go there in a houseboat. Stripper fishing was unreal as well.


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My experience at Powell is glass in the am and sometimes pm and anybody's guess during the day. If you already know of some great spot on that lake that offers glass all day, stick with it! The down side of the Wahweep end is you have to drive a ways before you get out of the crowd.

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The last time we were there, we had a couple houseboats in a cove in Gunsight Canyon. This is just to the south of Gunsght Butte.


The water was perfect every morning and afternoon. The rest of the time we were sightseeing.

Enjoy your trip. I wish I was going.

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I launched out of Wahweep this last Sept. We ended up in the farthest point of Rock Creek Bay, down one of the fingers. It was uncrowded and had a lot of sweet coves. I will say it was only good water in the early morning and pm. During the day it had small swells. Another Pro to this spot, is that it isnt too far from Dangling rope marina, so if you need to unload trash or get gas, it isnt too far. Just a thought. Good luck!



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Just got back from Powell. Sooooooooo awesome. Gold standard for fun. We put in at Antelope Point, just across the Castle Rock Cut from Wahweap. Just like you, I had always put in at Bullfrog and headed down Escalante- Davis Gulch anyone?

We took to Last Chance Bay and it was perfect. Three days of this:

Followed by one day of this:

- Winds of 40 with gusts to 70. We were, of course, at Dangling Rope, far away from our campsite when they came in. I've never been as scared on a boat in my life, but that 21' Triton made it back. You should've seen it- 3 to 4 footers, wind hurling spray hundreds of feet off the water horizontally in Last Chance. The lake turned into a monster.

April is NO JOKE out there. Great fishing, though.

If you're putting in at Wahwheap, you should check out Antelope Canyon- head all the way to the back, park your boat, then hike for a few miles. Beautiful slot canyon experience. Make sure you get past the waterline to get to the good stuff. Keep going and you'll find it.

The hike at the back of Rock Creek Bay to Humdinger Arch is also fantastic.

Kind of unnecessary to say it, but...have fun!


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gunsight can be crowded go a little further to last chance and you will be that much closer to dangling rope :thumbup: , if the breeze comes from either direction just go to the other side of the channel, always can find smooth water. :rockon:

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