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Tubers Are Awesome!


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Check out this video. The first kid in the video is a good friend of mine. He's living large down in O'town and got hooked up to help film this little video. He said he took a few super hard falls from way up! btw, he said they were pulling him at 33 mph!

The Flying Tube

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That was amazing. I hope someone I know buys one of those this summer!!! I saw something just like that tube, I think it was called a monteray or stingray and it basically did the same thing. Looks like a blast but I am sure the falls hurt like heck!

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That is what really surprises me. I think that in the right hands it could be fun, but most people are going to go 40 MPH and they are going to get slammed into the water. I am just grating my teeth when I see that thing lauch so high.

Too unsafe for most people

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I saw these two little kids flying a tube about four feet above the water.

So being the invincible old men we are we chased after the kids and asked if we could try there flying machine.

All three of the guys in my crew came away with so sort of injury. :lol:

Needless to say it was fun but I need to stick to wakeboarding. (since I do that all the time)

It seems anything other than wakeboarding I try ends up in pain!

I am still trying to get over a dock start (split) on a slalom ski from beginning of august. (Friend saying: "hey remember when you use to do dock starts on one ski" (15+years ago) :Doh:

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I think you should wear one of those Sumo tubes while you're on it so the dismount is a little less dramatic. You know, just kinda skip like a rock! Yahoo.gif I'm envisioning alcohol being a major pre-req for this kinda party.

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The redneck gets it!

Take one Crownline-

add a few cases of Busch-

then tie up a flying tube-

and then the redneck gets it!

Hours of fun! :)

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They told me around $600. That would be one of those awesome things to go in on with a few buddies. You could all take turns keeping it at your house - ugh - and then using it!

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Knowing watersports fanatics (I'm one of them) in a few years you'll see tube flying contests where they use twin screw offshore racers to pull them 90+mph, 300+ foot bungee ropes, special high G 'flight suits' so you don't pass out when the driver whips you around a corner, etc. Of course at that length rope, you'll need 4-6 sets of the Deafcon V's so you can hear your tunes.

Seriously though, Lake Powell, margaritas, reliable boat driver, and that tube sounds like a fun day. Mouthpiece and neck brace would be advisable accessories.

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