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Looking at Buying a 05 VLX any problem areas to look for?


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Hey all, I am new to this forum looks to be a great forum. I have been around ski and wakeboarding boats most of my life but mostly older ones that my friends and family have owned. I am now wanting one of my own and have been looking for some time. I finally found a good sounding boat but it is about 4 hour drive from my house and before I go to look at it I was hoping all you knowledgeable folks out there could help me look for some typical problem areas. I plan to have a mechanic look at it and I will take it out before buying (if not absolutely no chance of the guy selling it to me!) But I am also fairly mechanically inclined (maintain and build aircraft) and would like to look it over myself just in case the mech I choose doesn't find model specific items.

Ok heres the boat:

05 Malibu VLX (currently asking 32,000)

Illiusion X tower

600 hours (seems a bit high 120 hours a year?)

Standard ballast system

perfect pass

quite a few more features that also seem pretty standard are this year of boat.

I still need to get some more info on the boat but that should be enough to prompt some replies

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I don't have that new of a boat, but I do read most of what goes on here. Sounds like you will be able to cover the mechanicals. Some of what I've read here recently that I wouldn't have thought of:

Fill the ballast all the way and drive around for a few minutes, then check the bilge and ski locker for water. It sounds like a PITA to fix a hard tank leak in the newer boats.

Check the tower for rattles and sway. Also, check around all tower mounts and all hardware for gel coat cracks. Check the tower tow hoop where it mounts to the forward arch for looseness/wear marks from being loose previously.

Check the pop up tow pylon, if equipped. Not a major fix, but I would have overlooked it. (Sometimes they get stuck down.)

I'm sure others that actually own these boats will chime in, good luck to you and welcome!

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Welcome to the site.

Now, we have 2 pilots on board.

You'll wanna read this.

edit, BTW, this is what happens when that thing grenades.

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seems ike alot of hours, I bought a zero hour (new) 07 Vride for a little more (full 3 yer warranty) in december.

yep not a wakesetter but hey..........600 minus 600 plus 3 year warranty......................

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I haven't had too many issues with my '05 at all (only around 200 hrs though). Here are really the only issues I've had:

The piping on the rear seats have separated, but that's fairly common and a warranty item.

I have the Hammerhead and it has had the low oil pressure warnings at low RPMs, but that has been fixed by basically overfilling the oil and using heavier oil.

You are at risk of shearing the wedge bolts on the older models. Also a warranty item for the most part. (hasn't happened to me yet though and hopefully won't).

I've had a couple of ballast pumps go out...easy fix.

I had the tower rattle issue, which was fixed with new bushings.

I had to redo the Y on the heater so I can get hot air at lower RPMs.

Other than these minor inconveniences, the boat has been rock solid with good maintenance. I do baby it though, so it should last quite a while longer.

Good luck!

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