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Rhino Liner


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i have no experience with rhino lining, do you?

the rubber deck tread on my 04 boatmate trailer is coming loose. i pulled one (of 6 pieces) to re-attach. since the oem adhesive does not exclude 100% of the water it seldom or never dries. corrossion is starting.

i don't see any adhesive stopping water intrusion so i don't think i want to glue the rubber deck tread back on.

if i clean up the corrosion then coat with rust-oleum that should protect the trailer.

can i have rhino lining sprayed over the rust-oleum?

how will rhino lining hold up on the continually dipped trailer step and fenders?

any difference between rhino lining and any other brand of sprayed on bed liner?

is rhino liner a non-slip coating?

any other suggestions for non-slip corrossion protection in this application?

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Do you have a pic you can show us so maybe we could help with alternatives?

IMO - rhino lining on your trailer fender would be 'unattractive', but it would be tough. Guess it just depends on where you stand on form vs function.

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i re-attached the loose tread before taking any pix. suspect this will be a good winter project. i will try to remember pix when i do what ever it is i decide to do.

corrosion was not horrible but left oem i suspect that it would be a mess after a few more seasons.

form follows function wrt corrosion. if i don't do something to stop the rust then it ain't going to be pretty.

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I can only speak from when I had my truck bed liner sprayed and the information that I collected. Here are some of the highlights that I collected.

1. Professional spray on is the only durable application compared to the doit yourself stuff because they sandblast and the application is at a certain temperature. The brush on stuff at the auto store will not last as long.

2. Line-X can color match to most vehicle color by using the code number so you will have a wider variety of colors available.

3. For most professional applications they can leave out the texture if you want a smooth durable coating.

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3. For most professional applications they can leave out the texture if you want a smooth durable coating.

Now that is interesting... color match w/out the testure - seems like it might come out looking like a powder coat?

I've never seen that done, might be worth some investigating for your fender

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The shop that I visited did not have a full size example of a non-textured color match except for a small sample plate. I just looked like regular paint to me.

It seems like powder coating may be the most durable, but I wonder what the cost difference would be.

They sandblasted my truck bed and sprayed in less than 4 hours.

The product that I used was ProLiner and he did not do color matching. The only one that seemed to do the color matching was Line-X and it was a couple hundred more than the standard black.

Line-X Features

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