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Winch help

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Hey guys,

Been a while since i was on here, but alas the winter is beginning to subside (minus the few inches of snow we got today) and it's time to get thinking about summertime again.

So as part of the new year, we want to do some cleaning on our beach. Essentially there are a ton of rocks that we're trying to relocate to the breakwater. We're planning on using a 1700lbs warn winch to do the pulling of a specialized rig to essentially rake the rocks over to the breakwater. But I'm not sure what's the best way to go about powering the winch. We could move up to the 3700, but it'll draw close to 120 at 2000lbs and 300 at 3700lbs, so I'm not sure how that would change things.

It's a 12V DC current winch that'll pull up to 83A on full load. If I had a car battery, how long would it last before needed recharging (I think standard is around 50 Amp Hours, but I'm not sure how long it'd last at 50-85 amps)? There's hours of work to be done, and I'm not sure the most efficient way to do it. Can I run a charger box and connect that to the battery while I'm using the winch, or will that burn out the battery/winch? Or could I get 2/3 batteries, and swap between them as the other charges.

Any other suggestions would be great!


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you're not going to get very far with just a stand-alone battery set-up - those winch's are generally designed to run at a full charge and my money says you'll get intermittent activity from the winch as your battery goes down - depending upon your charger- it won't keep up with the draw. used to have winch on the jeep for those types of activities - always had the rig running at a fast idle winch operated very sluggish at anything less... just my 02 cents

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After sleeping on it, and reading your post, I'm thinking an AC winch is gonna be better for my setup. But I'll probably have to get 2 1000 Lbs cause I don't think 1 is going to be able to take the load.

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I don't know the size of boulders you are planning to move but here is some simple math to consider.

Wattage is another way to measure horsepower. More watts equals more horsepower. 1000 watts is 1.34102209 horsepower.

Volts X Amps equals wattage.

12 volts x 20 amps equals 240 watts

120 volts X 20 amps equals 2400 watts.

A typical house breaker is 15 or 20 amps.

An ordinary extension cord is 16 guage and will carry about 10 ? amps. I have an12 guage cord and it is rated for 20 amps. It is very heavy and is not the normal size you find. A 14 guage cord is good for 15 amps.

So 120 volts gives twice the power.

You might get somebody that already has a winch on their rig to attempt the first boulder move and determine how it works in real practice.

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Thanks. The rocke's we're moving aren't boulders, just a large number of beach rocks, no bigger than the size of a hand. Most are fairly small and flat. Big ones are maybe a few pounds. most is shale.

AC winch will pull no more than 7 amps according to warn's website, so I should be good in the power category. But I'm glad I have a reference on how much I can put on each line.

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