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Ratchedy, ratchedy, ratchedy...


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I've got an '04 23 LSV with 150 hours on it.

We had it out yesterday and for the first time I started hearing and feeling some odd sounds at the base of the steering column. I believe they were from the steering cable.

As I would turn the Bu one way or another, I would feel something that felt like the steering cable was rubbing. I don't know what though.

The day before I put it in the water I had a 50 hour service (oil, impeller, and filters changed). He didnt' mess with the steering cable though - I was watching him do the service.

- Guy came to my house :)

It didn't seem to affect the steering at all. Just sounded odd. Mechanic friend of mine once said, 'Listen to your car, it'll tell you when something's wrong.'


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I think what you are felling is the rack and pinion (sp) making contact. My 05 has the same, it feels like it is clicking. not sure how to fix it though when I take it to the dealer this fall I'm going to have them check it.

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It's not in the tilt part of the column. I have only moved that once or twice, and that was to see that it actually moved when I bought the boat.

The sound can be heard behind the dashboard, like it is in the black bar that meets up with the steering cable. Sorry, I have no idea what it's called.

'Clicking' would definately be a way to describe it.


Has anyone heard the Brian Reagan bit about someone going to the auto repair shop and having to describe what your car 'sounds like' to the supposed mechanic - comedy at its best :)

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The sound can be heard behind the dashboard, like it is in the black bar that meets up with the steering cable.  Sorry, I have no idea what it's called. 

The 'black bar' (called a rack, I believe) is actually part of the cable, not part of the helm. Check to make sure that the four bolts that hold the rack to the helm are tight.

To quiet the whole thing down....remove the four bolts that hold the rack to the helm and lube the 'teeth' inside the rack. To do this, center the steering wheel then remove the rack. Have a helper turn the rudder by hand all the way to one side, this will move the tooth assembly inside the rack. Apply grease to the teeth as you have you helper slowly turn the rudder back to the other side. When done greasing, have your helper return the rudder to the centered position. The biggest PITA in the whole procedure is getting the wheel perfectly centered again.

Good luck. :)

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Ours makes a kindof grinding sound when spinning the wheel pretty fast. When turning it slow, there's no real noticable sound. Most Malibus I've driven do this. It's just the steering rack. Is that what you're hearing?

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