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Best Way to Clean Carpet 03 VLX

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I searched the forum, so I apologize if this has been posted recently. I have an 03 VLX which is now sitting in a heated garage for the winter. One of my projects is to try and clean up the carpet. Its been vacummed pretty regularly, but it pretty matted down and has some small stains. I'm trying to figure out which route to go.

Option 1: Rent a steam cleaner type vacumn and go to town.

Option 2: Break out the power washer, a scrub brush, and some cleaner, and then go to town. I have heard there is a lot of funk the power washer can get out of the carpeting. I guess I could just wash towards the ski locker and drain the water that way.

Any other options? What do you guys recommend?


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I have thought of the same thing and was just going to have the carpet cleaner guy come over do a few rooms in the house and then the boat.

The power washer would be great as long as hot water could be used IMO. Then get out the shop vac to suck up the water and then put a few fans in the boat to dry out all the area's. Babes has some nice carpet cleaner if needed or drop into your local dealer and ask them when they use.

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I used a power washer on my 2004 all the time. It did an awesome job. Keep it out of the engine compartment though.

My 2008 has the carpet saver. It is not dirty yet, but when the time comes, I will not hesitate to pull it out and give it a good blast. I just can't say enough about making the extra effort to keep the carpet clean in the first place.

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Take Shampoo ( i like to use Axe, Smells great) and put 3 tablespoons or so in a bucket, add about 1 Gallon warm water. Take a bristle brush on a pole, dunk it into the solution and brush into the carpet. apply the soap liberally, get it good in wet. hand scrub the edges and corners. Take a Good shopvac and suck out all the water and suds, rinse and suck out again... When your done it will look like new and smell great, also works great in the bildge area.

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lhlocal, both of your ideas are good along with D-Goose's. Make sure you get all the soap if you use any ... dirt seems to stick to it.

After you're done I'd use a fan to dry the carpet.

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I use Simple Green carpet cleaner and a mild nylon brush to work in the cleaner and the simply hose it out into the bilge viola clean carpet and bildge. Then I take my wet/dry vac and suck up as much as possible then places fans in the boat to aid the drying. In areas such as the observer seat I use dri-eze. This is only done during the summer months.

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