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2008 radar annex


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i am currently thinking of upgrading from my old f3 to an 08 or newer annex any feedback. also anyone know where to get som inexpensive boots for my 9 and a half foot, ihave heard the rail works well.

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I have never been a Connelly guy, so I don't know how they ski. But for me, coming from an HO Monza, System8, Phantom type of ski, I don't miss a beat on it. Plus it has a little more room for mistakes.

I like it enough that I use my friends on vacation and not even bring my Monza down.

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With regard to your binding question...many have had positive things to say about the Radar "Rail" boot. It does require mounting to the (radar) Sequence Plate...which is a nice feature. If you were not aware, the Rail is no longer offered. It has been replaced for 2010 by the "Vector" which runs about $153 (I have tried the Vector, and like it alot). The Vectors are sold with their own individual "mounting plate", so you are not obligated to use them w/ a Sequence Plate, although you certainly can.

Back to the "Rail"....you can get closeout deals on them you look around a bit. I noticed that h20proshop.com is selling them for around $120. I've also seen them pop up on ebay on occassion. If you go w/ the Radar Annex ski, then any of the HO boots will also fit.

edited to add this: I'm not sure what size ski you are looking for, but there is currently one on ebay for the next 10 days that may be of interest....new, 2009 Annex 67" w/ double Rail boots in Standard Size (Mens 7-11) being sold by a reputable dealer out of Maine for $600. You may also want to email that dealer and see if/what he would let (just) the binding setup go for?

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I have loved the Rail boots. As Davemac said, they have been replaced by the Vector boots. I spoke with Chris Sullivan about them and tried them on and I think they would be even better than the Rails. I have no need to replace what I have, but if I were in the market for some new boots, I would most certainly be looking at the Vector.

I have not tried the Annex, but have thought about demoing one in addition to the Senate C.

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the rail is a good boot, definitely nothing wrong with it. the '10 vector is an improvement however. it looses the extra tongue that it doesnt need, its easier to get on and off, reduced bulk and overall just a little bit nicer. unless you can pick a rail up super cheap id give the vector a serious look.

the annex is a great ski. holds great direction and speed very well. a little softer compared to the rs1 helping it gain direction a little easier. out of all the 2nd level skis the annex is the one to have.

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I have my 2008 Radar Annex for sale. I have Radar RS1 bindings mounted in size 10 currently, but I am going to pull those off and sell them separately. I only used it last season because I bought it as a leftover at the 2009 boat show in January. I am open to offers.

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