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Rooster Tail

3-Blade XMP Prop

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Rooster Tail

First off, let me make it clear that I understand that the right thing to do is to try them both out, and decide which one I like. That being said...

Does anyone have some relevant experience comparing these two props? I just realized that with all the gas money I'm saving with the boat sitting in winter storage, it won't be too long until I'm budgeted for a new prop, and I've narrowed it down to these two. Even if I do decide to give them both a try before committing, I'm be interested in what others have experienced.

A few quick notes on how my 'Bu is used. I ski 36 mph @ 15-22 off, depending on what I had for breakfast. The stock prop works just fine for that (as my wife keeps reminding me, when I talk about a new prop). So, while I need a prop that will keep me skiing, I'm starting to need a little better tuning for boarding. When we head down to Lake Powell, we usually have 6-8 guys in the boat, plus ballast, plus Wedge (for the intrepid souls who want that much wake - not me). As you'd suspect, the boat gets to feeling a big slugglish when loaded that heavy.

Comparing 13 x 11.5 & 13 x 11 (both 0.090 cup), how much of this will they solve, compared to what I'm running now? Not sure I'm ready to move to a 4-blade, since I'm running the Monsoon 320, and if I'm loaded that heavy, I'll want more horsepower anyway...

Sorry if everyone is tired of another prop thread, I'm just trying to get a little smarter about this.

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Typically the discussion is between the 11.5 & 12 pitch props instead of the 11.5 & 11 props.

I run the 11.5 and have been quite happy with it - (43.8MPH @ 4800 RPM WOT - 3350RPM for 32.4MPH).

It's got plenty of go out of the hole to get my heavy self up on a skinny stick.

It also has not had any problems getting the boat on plane with the wedge, 900lbs of ballast & 7 adults in it for either boarding or surfing and stays locked in with PP.

It is a little slow to get up & going when heavily loaded, but not so much that a little extra push on the throttle takes care of it.

The XMP 3 blades have more surface area than the four blade props, so you don't gain too much there.

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I ran 11.5” prop as well and provided plenty of out of the whole power w/ my SLXI (monsoon 325hp). We used the SLXI for that same purposes 50/50 ski/board. I usually had a 250lbs sac up front and behind the engine box plus the wedge. Only a few times I ran larger sacks but still did just fine. If you went w/ the 11” it’ll give more power out of the whole but I’ll bet you’ll hit the rev limiter and it’ll suck serious gas. You can always call up Eric Johnson @ OJ and he’ll exchange a prop n/c just shipping if you want to try one, but my money says the 11.5”

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Comparing 13 x 11.5 & 13 x 11 (both 0.090 cup), how much of this will they solve, compared to what I'm running now?

:unsure: What are you running now? Dontknow.gif

I'm betting M-Dude is right though. Yes.gif I'm running the XMP in a 13 X 12 but my boat is lighter and my focus is slalom.

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