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New PB-B (Personal Best - Bootless)


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Ever wonder what to do with those old combo skis once the bindings rot and the skis aren't worth fixing?


Remove the boots, grind the screw holes smooth & fill them with JB Weld. After the JBW dries sand smooth, paint to taste, and apply non-skid to "standing space". You might also want to apply a few misc stickers just so it isn't so "plain jane". Biggrin.gif

Then put it in your boat for use once the wind comes up. Yes.gif

We were out yesterday and while getting ready for our third sets the wind came up and the lake got just enough chop on it that it wasn't really worth risking injury. Out comes the bootless wonder. One of my buddies rode it first and managed to get 1 at 24mph/15off (crashed twice in the exact same spot, just outside the 2nd wake).

My first run at the course I crashed in the same spot he did. Second try I made it around 2 ball, back across the first wake and got launched by then second wake. :lol: I had them slow it down to 22mph and that made all the difference. It's a fairly wide ski and at 24mph I couldn't get the ski to sink much. I ran the course (intermediates) gate-to-gate at 15off/22mph. Clap.gif:lol:

The third guy in our group really struggled with even getting up on it and never even made it around 1 ball. The crashes are hysterical.

So don't throw away that old POS combo...turn one of them into a Bootless Death Stick™. Yahoo.gif

I'll post one more pic so you can see the key graphic applied to the ski. Biggrin.gif

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What a great idea! Hilarious. Thumbup.gif

We end up doing some crazy things behind a boat. We have done barefoot skiing starting off from a wakesurf board. The falls are epic.

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  • 10 months later...
looks like the fin could do with some tweaking.. id add some tip.

Considering it's a plastic drop-thru fin... :unsure: Not much chance of adding tip. :no:

Bringing the tip of the ski down is gonna require that I stand further forward on the ski. :shocked: Which seems to always end the same way... Where's that "faceplant" emoticon? :lol:

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