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03 Response LX - 335 Monsoon


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I just bought my first Malibu and thus I'm new to Malibu Crew. I have an 03 Response LX with the 335 Monsoon. Beautiful boat. Only issue I am experiencing is that occassionally when I give it juice to pull the skier out of the hole it seems as if the boat takes over and will not accelerate beyond a very low rpm. Oil pressure & temp are within normal range. Anyone else experience such an issues and if so what was the cause. Things I have thought may be the cause were: fuel filter? bad sensor (manual says this boat automatically reduces rpm if oil temp or pressure are out of normal range). Looking for any suggestions.

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Two easy things to check. A "hair trigger" lanyard switch, try putting finger pressure on the switch button while taking off. Have seen the switch cause this. More likely, the screen in the bottom of the fuel pump needs to be cleaned. Place rags under pump to catch an ounce or two of gas, remove inlet hose, use blunt ended object to pull fuel screen out of inlet (lower edge of filter should be flush with end of inlet tube) clean filter with brake cleaner, or compressed air and re-assemble. If you have not already done so, also replace the inline fuel filter. I'm not sure, but it could be behind the trunk panel (about eight screws to remove), or along side the mufflers.

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good advice so far. If you are unsure of maintenance history, you probably want to also do cap & rotor and plugs (relatively inexpensive).

NAPA cross reference for the inline fuel filter is #3299 (I just picked one up for my boat...same engine, about $12-$15). FYI, NAPA Gold oil filter # is 1069.

BTW, my fuel filter is located behind the trunk, at the midpoint of the transom. You need to feel around for the phillips screws buried in the carpeting of the trunk. Changing it is easy (although an extra set of hands is helpful). Just put a rag under the old one, and do a "quick switch" when ready.

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