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Trick skiing


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Anyone these days still trick ski? For whatever reason, I've done it quite a bit this year, enough so to consider buying a ski. Problem is, they retail for like $500.

I'm looking to pick up a decent used one.

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The only person that I know who still trick skis is my dad Crazy.gif He was looking at getting new ones but the price is just so high. We ended up retro fitting his trick skis to work with wakeboard bindings so he could at least use them. I tried putting out a thread in the "wanted" section for used trick skis but it didn't turn up much. I don't think that anyone really trick skis anymore especially with the huge number of wakeboarders out on the water today. Good luck in finding some though!

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Anyone these days still trick ski?  For whatever reason, I've done it quite a bit this year, enough so to consider buying a ski.  Problem is, they retail for like $500.

I'm looking to pick up a decent used one.

I trick ski when the water is too bad for footing, so ya I do it alot :)

Not to many of us left, everyone is into wakeboards !

180s and 360s are fun and toe turns are cool without suffering the pain of hard falls,like footin(:

I have a KD7000, before that it was a Duval.

You might want to try Wileys, they used to have a good assortment of trick skis and bindings.

Think I paid $350 for the KD but that was a few years ago !

TrickSkiers are a dying breed....such a shame, its truely an art on water.


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Wow guys, I guess you are not skiing around us. We all trick ski and so do most of our friends.

Three event ski tournaments are all around. Slalom, Trick and Jump. Wakeboarding is not even part of the tournaments. Although we do wakebaord and enjoy wakeboarding very much, we still put a lot more time into trick skiing.

D3 seems to make the most popular trick ski right now. You can get a blank for around $595. Most people are also using hard shells. You can get those for around $300.

Here are some pictures of us tricking at State this year and some pros at the Malibu Open.


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great pics summerfun...I'm still limited to 2 trick skis :D

It won't take you long to move to one ski. My son moved from two trick skis to single trick in one summer. He just took 3rd place in boys 3 at State this summer. He was pretty excited. He has been working on his forward and backward toe hold tricks lately.

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I get my old board out once a year - just to see what I can still do and cannot do. I have had it for years. Its a 40" which is far too small for my 175 lbs now. LOL. I have to go about 24 mph to feel comfortable. Geez, I could almost step off to BF.


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Trick skiing is growing in popularity. A lot of the growth on the younger side could be attributed to the extreme growth in collegiate 3 event skiing. I know a lot of trickers. My brother has pretty much given up everything but trick. He was a very good wakeboarder, blew his knee, started tricking. My experience may be different from normal though, as out of most of my watersports friends in their 20s, about 85% of them are 3 eventers compared to 15% on the wakeboard side.

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Ditto 550. Been boating, skiing my whole life (since the 70's) and have never actually seen a person on a trick ski my entire life, except on TV.

Around here nowdays I see:

Wakeboarders: 80%

Slalom: 18%

Knee Boarders: 1%

Foilers: 1%

I think all the slalom and trick guys are on private lakes, I guess?

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kstateskier - I agree with you, I graduated from college a year and a half ago and I think its making a decent comeback. I'm still the only one I've seen on trick skis on the river I ski. (I usually borrow a friends pair of double skis). You can only do so much on double trick skis before you get limited. I can do the side slides, 180's and 360's, and have landed wake 180's, and occasionally a w2w 180. Because I get bored, I have attempted front rolls on double tricks, and I'm actually landing on my feet. Biggest problem is, the skis fly off half way into my roll.

I've decided I'd like to take up the challenge of single trick, but am not 100% sure I'll commit to it. Slalom is still and probably always will be my favorite. For that reason, I don't want to throw down close to a grand for a trick ski.

I do wakeboard and its fun, I wish wakeboarders would give trick skiing a try. They'd be pretty surprised on how hard it is. Very few appreciate the skills trick athletes have (at least on "other" sites around the web).

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The trick skiis in the picture (with the flips) seems to be very similar to wakeboards (with the bindings turned forward) - can someone help educate me on what makes these different...

(no flames - just unaware)

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No tracking fins

They are smaller than a WB

Your feet are in a traditional slalom stance. most people angle the back binding a bit.

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I trick nearly every time out on the water. We have about 10 dedicated trickers in our club with a few getting new skis here and there. I'll be sure to check if anybody wants to sell the old ski (i guess shortboard now)...gonna take a long time to get used to that.

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No tracking fins

They are smaller than a WB

Your feet are in a traditional slalom stance. most people angle the back binding a bit.

All true, plus you ski in a toe hold for half of your tricks.

In a tournament, you get two 20 second passes to get as many trick points as possible. Most people will do one pass holding the handle and the second pass in the toe hold. Can't do that on a wakeboard!!

As was mentioned, it is very hard. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of falls. The good news is, the falls don't hurt as much as wakeboard falls and less injuries.

Wakeboarding is more grunt power and courage. Trick skiing is more grace and style.

BTW: I HATE the new name Shortboard. Mad.gif

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To add even more to what others mentioned.

SacRiverRat - a trick ski is like doing tricks on ice. The bottom of a trick ski is completely flat, there may be some very small grooves to serve as channels for water to pass through (maybe an 1/8" deep).

Trick skis are generally between 38" & 44" long and 11" to 12" wide. The front foot on ski is placed facing towards (in a normal ski binding - ex. HO Animal) the boat while the rear foot is usually canted between 40 & 45 degrees in the back (in a toe strap similar to a slalom ski).

As hopefully you can imagine, learning tricks on a ski are 10 times harder than learning on a wakeboard. Many good trick skiers are phenominal wakeboarders because the sports are very similar.

From the photos summerfun added, you can see the the trick skiers are getting some good "air" off the wake. Notice, the wake is off a Malibu Response, rope on the pylon, and no ballast (though I've seen some trick skiers add 100-200# ballast in the rear to practice tricks).

Like summer fun noted, you only get 20 seconds a pass, any many trickers can pull 4 or more flips in this time, so you can imagine how fast the tricks are actually done. When he mentions toe hold, the skier attaches the rope to their foot and proceeds to do tricks this way.

Hopefully this elaborates a little bit more. Others have done a good job of explaining the basics.

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