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Perfect pass install problems WIRING


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Trying to install stargazer for my 2000 resoonse lx 325 monsoon.I have tried as per instructions,was going good until i had to wire the unit up.Firstly I cant find the grey wire with spade connector behind tachometer for rpm reading .there is a grey wire with a black line witch seperates into a small fuse power seperator type thing?but then the wire colour comes out red and white into the tachomter.Do i tap into this wire for rpm reading at the grey wire with black line?

I have also tried to get power from the purple and black wires behind key ignition for the unit and i dont seem to get any power to the perfect pass screen with ignition on.

Now to top it all off I now have no power to the motor,nothing.Dash lights etc. all work (except perfect pass screen)

I dont know whats happened? Any help would be appreciated

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Call they guys at PP... They are familiar with each boat.

When I installed, there was a solid grey wire coming up into a pigtail behind the gauges before going back down to the gauge computer/MDC. I'm not sure about the '06 gauge wiring. The grey/black wire was coming out of the gauge computer & did not work.

Could you have shorted something out going to the ignition? Check you breakers/fuses.

Do you have +12V on the hot side of the ignition?

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I your boat a 2000 or 2006? If it is a 2000, I'm guessing it's the same as my 99, look for two gray wires with a female spade connector joining them together, that' where I tapped in for tach. Did you run the black wires from the tach feed and power line to the ground block?

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Its a 2000 model. Im a moron at trying to wire it up, had no problems connecting the throttle cable and servo motor. ok i have found 2 gray wires coming together at a spade connector under the dash.I guess this is the rpm wire? i was looking for 1 gray wire with a spade connector. where should i ground the black wire? can i ground it at the black wires that terminate with a spade connector under the dash?

Now i also need power for the unit.where is the best place to get power?I had no power after joining purple wire to purple at the ignition.i may have had no ground.can I ground it at the black wire into the ignition?

I tried calling perfect pass but no answer I will email them.

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Lying on floor of boat, head under dash, up over left shoulder you should see a plate with about a dozen or more black wires each fastened to the plate with a screw. That is the grond bus bar. Fasten both the black lead for the tach and the black lead from the power cable. You can put both on with any other black wire. They are all gound wires. As for the 2 gray wires you found with spade connector, yes, thats the one I used. Purple to purple on ignition should do it.

ps: don't forget to change your boat/year model in your member info!!!!!

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Thanks I now have power to screen and I have hooked into RPM wire i think. But now I cannot start the boat. I turn ignition on dash comes alive,servo motor does autotighten,the beep sound is going and the fuel pump has sound.But have nothing when I turn key to start motor. Could i have blown a fuse somewhere? All was fine before I installed perfect pass!

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I also have a 2000 SLXI that I just upgraded to 6.5ng with the multi line display. My previous install got power from the purple wire which was switched on by the ignition switch. The problem was that to change settings/rpm set points/slalom to wakeboard while we changed riders, I had to turn on the ignition, which caused the beepers to go off, fuel pump to pressurize, etc. Very disconcerting and distracting while trying to talk to the new skier and change settings while that d*&% beeper was going off.

Simple fix--and you should fix yours now while you are at it. Connect the purple power wire from the PP module to the purple wire WITH A STRIPE. I just connected mine to the spade connector on the back of the ignition switch. That wire is hot when you turn your ignition key to accessory. The PP will power up, and you can make changes without the beeping, and without turning on the ignition, fuel pump, etc. I have enjoyed the silence for a couple of weeks now and it is truly golden!

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