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Bilge Pump won't stop running!


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I have a 2000 VLX sunsetter and the automatic bilge pump wont stop running even after i took my boat out of the water! Can someone help me with what it could be? how can i diconnect it? I have hydralic lifts for my rear hatch so if i disconnect the battery cables it turns of but then i can't lower my hatch! where do i look to see if anything is stuck in it? thanks in advance!

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You're going to have to disconnect the power to work on it anyway.

Disconnect power, either at the pump or at the battery. Batteries probably easiest, unless you want to cut your cords.

The pump may be a completely sealed unit, if so you're hosed and going to have to buy a new one. Once it's out of the boat though you can take a better look at it. You may be able to pull it apart and see if there's something stuck inside it.

Pumps go bad, and if yours ran all the time, it's probably safe to just put in another. That's what I would do. If I ever questioned the reliability of my bilge pump I'd replace it in a heartbeat. Rather be out the money for a pump and find my Bu full of water tied to a dock.

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Agreed, it’s probably the float switch on the pump. It may be that’s there’s something stuck in it that’s not allowing the switch to release. On the “duh” side, is the manual switch on the dash turned off?

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You should be able to pull the pump off the base. I had a '99 that Malibu just siliconed the base in the bilge and I was able to free the pump from the base and free a stuck leaf..

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Had the same issue on my 99 VLX this year. Disconnected the battery, tapped the pumped a few times, and it was fine the next day when I reconnected it. Probably under the duh category, but you should be able to pull the pin connecting the hatch to the hydraulic pump and manually raise and lower the hatch.

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