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Center Ski locker filling with water

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I just bought a used 03 LSV Wakesetter, 75 hrs. We took it out this weekend and I ran the bilge on occasion. Nothing ever came out of the drain. Pulled the boat up on the trailer and pulled the center plug. Water drained for what seemd like 20 minutes. The water level in the ski locker was over the carpeted plastic ballast cover.

Any ideas where it could be coming from?

I don't understand why the bilge wouldn't remove water from the center compartment? There was very little water in the engine compartment, I'm assuming that's the seep from the shaft packing. No water come out of the rear drain hole when I removed that plug.

Any advice would be helpful.


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Your ski locker sac could have a leak or at the pump.

Your locker has a plug that needs to be opened up, so water can flow from the front ski locker to back eng area. The plug is at the back bottom of the ski locker.

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I keep that drain plug closed (the one that allows water to flow front & back... that way water doesn't move around so much.

Mine leaks around the thru-hull fitting, I can watch it leak if I look fast enough when I put the boat in. It isn't super critical, I've gotten used to it. Usually gets up to about the top of the t-handle, and then seems to stop.

One thing you can do is use your fake-a-lake (you have one of those right.... if not make one using a plunger) and hook it up to the fill pump under your center locker sack. Fill it when it is on the trailer, and see if you have any water showing up in the locker. That way you'll be able to isolate that as the culprit

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Thanks, I'll check out the sack and open the plug up.

Personally I don't like having the plug open from that locker, it then allows the exchange of engine bilge water to flow up there... of course my packing nut leaks quite a bit, so I have lots of engine bilge water - and don't need it sloshin around my mid locker sack. ... huh- all this talk about my sack getting wet and my nut leaking... oh never mind... :blush:

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