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Most noobies in a weekend?


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I'm sure that we didn't break any records (other than our own), but my wife and I taught 5 kids age 8-13 to either board or ski. On top of that, we taught 3 adults to wakeboard.

I think its easier to teach someone to get up on the board than two skis. But I've had a couple of new learners who could not get the concept of turning their hip toward the boat once up.

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I bet that (hip towards boat) made for some pretty good laughs!

I love getting people out for the first time and teaching them to ride of ski. Fun times.


Yep, a couple of the folks were people who have this psychological thing about crossing the wake. Well if you don't turn your hip toward the boat, you are going to go outside the wake. Watching them struggle with this reality was quite fun.

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Most I have trained in one day is three and it is fun to watch.

However, I was out with my A-team crew yesterday and we all exclaimed how much easier it is to ski/board with people that know what they are doing in the water and in the driver's seat and with the ropes and with hand signals and with paying for gas and on and on and on . . . .

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We're always teaching people that come along. This summer I taught an 8 year old to ski and 2 14-16 year olds to wakeboard. Teaching wake boarding is easier than teaching skiing, and I'm not even a boarder.

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For my oldest daughter's 13th birthday we had 11 of her friends out for the day on the boat followed by a slumber party. We taught eight to wakeboard that day - amazing what peer pressure can do. It's also amazing how little one teenager listens while another's learning. I must have said the same thing fifty times that day!

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Took a group of 8 and 9 yo girls from church out on the boat one night. 9 girls and none of them except my daughter had ever been on skiis before, and 2 had never been on a boat before. Within a couple hours, had each one up on skiis on the boom. Didn't get them behind the boat because of the amount of time we had, but there were still some big smiles - and that makes the boat worth every penny.

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I say give him a helmet and strap him in!!

All he needs is another kid his age to get up in front of him and you won't be able to keep him in the boat. My son learned last year when he was 8.

post pics when he gets up.

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The peer pressure thing is awesome. I've been gently trying to get my 10 yo daughter to try the wakeboard... with all her friends around, it was her idea and within five minutes, she's up and pumping her fist.

I will say that I don't think I'll teach that many people in so short a time again in my life. Bringing the rope back around for the infinityith time can wear you out. I was spent, and by the end of the weekend my 3 yo daughter was calling me Mr. Grumpy.

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Got 2 eight-year olds up on trainer skis on Sunday- my daughter and one of her classmates. My daughter has been toying with the notion all season- but when push came to shove she would usually back off & go back to the kneeboard.

When her friend got up on his first try, the competitive demons took over. She went at it 4 times until she got up, ignoring a banged-up knee from her second fall.

She told me that from now on, she wants to go first...

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