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promo boat question


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ha, its funny you post this. I stumbled across the boat and was very intrigued by it. I'm not really interested in it as it sits on the wrong hull that I'd like, but I talked with the seller a bit. Its got about 400 hours on it.

I love the way that boat looks!

- Chad

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the 400 hours is what I was concerned about. it seems like a lot of hours for the price

If it was properly serviced, those hours wouldn't scare me, especially not for that price. See if he can fax or email you copies of the service or better yet find out who performed the service and call that dealer and talk with them about it.

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I would go over that boat very closely on the interior, gel coat, and stereo/electronics. The reason is this, promo boats/boats that pull tournaments are often like rental cars. They get the hell beat out of them by every Tom, d***, and Harry who rides in/behind the boat and doesn't give a flip about taking care of the boat. They load those boats down w/ a ton of extra ballast, take tons of water over the bow and everything gets very wet inside. (I've seen an X-Star that looked like a hot tub inside, with water up to the passengers knees, while pulling a tournament) So I'd be worried about mildew and wet electronics. 400hrs is a lot in one year, but mechanically the engine/trans should be fine if scheduled maintenance was done.

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We bought ours as a promo boat. My son was working at the dealership and was riding on the boat for part of last summer and we knew the guy that managed the promo details well enough to know the history and how it was cared for. It has a few issues that the dealer has been very good about covering and in general I'm quite happy with the boat. If you can get care history etc and the deal is good I'd say go for it. As for resale value with number of hours, it probably depends on what you'll do with the boat. We generally keep ours for a long time and don't worry about resale too much. My '02 looked as good as new with almost 600 hours on it when we upgraded as we take good care of our stuff too.

Good luck with the decision.


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the 400 hours is what I was concerned about. it seems like a lot of hours for the price

I ve just sell my 2009 VLX with 8 months of use and 500 hours.

The boat was almost new and the engine runs great. IMO there is no issue with 400 hours. Those engines are supposed to last at least 3000 hours..

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Just for comparison, there is a 400 HP 07 Wakesetter with 122 hours on ebay for $49k.

BTW, with engines being so well made today, I look at hours more as wear and tear on the interior rather than on the engine and gearbox.


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I'd take a close look at it. 400hrs is getting up there, but the boat still has tons of life left. The boat looks great though. Nice stereo. Fully loaded. Decent price too.

As a comparison, I just picked up an 07 VLX with 50 hrs on it for under $38k. It didn't have much in it though (minimal stereo, no depth gauge, no shower or heaters, no bimini, no bow ballast). I could have found the same boat with more options for a little higher price, but the hours sold me on this one. The other things can be purchased over time and it will eventually cost the same as the other boats I looked at. But, like I said, the hours sold me on this one.

I'd keep looking if I were in your shoes. Winter is just around the corner and there will be a ton of boats being sold for great prices.

Good luck in your search!

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If you used it for a year, put another 80 hours on it, and then for whatever reason you end up in a position where you HAD to sell FAST!...how much would you get for it? And be serious about that question. Not very many buyers, loans are hard to get so it takes the bottom 50% of people who want the boat but have to borrow, out of the picture, downpayments requirements for those that can get loans are really big...another big block of prospects gone. And then the number of boats on the market, sellers battling for buyers, Ten 2 year old boats with 180 hours or your 2 year old boat with 480 hours. You'll have to be many, many, many thousands of dollars less to get a buyer to pick you if you HAVE to sell. Just my $.02. Not saying good deal or not - personally don't know. But it's worth considering?

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