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wiring ballast pump on new circuit


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I have an 09 247 with 2 sets of electronic Mux switches. The manual describes how to add/change/delete functions on the MUX menu. I want to consider adding one or more new ballast fill pumps and put them on a separate circuit. However, I can't figure out any way to get them to run through the existing MUX switches. The fuse panel under the steering column is only full on one side, but there are no terminal connections for the other (open) side. There is not even a place to connect terminals for some of the functions which show up on the MUX menu (e.g., tower lights) but which I don't have installed on the boat. Am I stuck with having to install a separate toggle or panel switch??? Seems kinda strange not to have any way to add even a single accessory and run it through MUX. Any help/thoughts greatly appreciated.

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I went through the same thing.. . is there anything that you don't have that you can use as a seperate ballast switch? For instance I don't have 'docking lights' from factory but there is a spot and wire coming out of the box. When I add 'docking lights' to my mux switch panel and turn it on, it sends 12v to that wire under the dash. I simply disconnected that wire and ran a new wire and used that for my transom leds. So if there is anything that you may not have on your boat (say heater, docking lights, etc) you can use that switch name for whatever accessory you want. Just make sure the fuse under the dash will be high enough for your application.

However if there is no extra spots, I'm at a loss myself. Ive been trying to figure out where the tower light output would be because I don't have factory tower lights and want to add them, but can't see a spot coming out of the dash labeled for the lights.

Good luuck... I wish somebody had a diagram of the underdash wiring, would make life easier!

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Unfortunately I don't think there is a standardized wiring schematic for the boat, and it appears that the wiring terminal is different depending on the options that are ordered on the boat from the factory. I'm not sure if that was intentional to save money, or just oversight, but it makes it a pain to add extra accessories.

Contact your dealer to get some more information, they may be able to provide some feedback. Most of our customers have ended up mounting the switches in a panel under the dash. They're invisible there, but can be easily controlled by feel.

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