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New slalom skier


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I was pretty proud this weekend when my hardcore wakeboarding daughter wanted to learn how to slalom ski. She had never attempted to slalom before. She started off on the boom and then progressed to a line off of the boom and then finally to a deep water start. By the end of the weekend she had probably done more slalom skiing than wakeboarding and was using a Venture ski, which has a "V" bottom. She was running the novice balls on the course at 28mph and 15 off. What ski would be next for her to try? She was thinking maybe to try the Esprit or?

This may mean that I get some more slalom time in if she gets more in. :)

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Stay on the Comp-Freeride until she is working hard to make it perform. Adults have demonstrated that the Charger and Burner (the 69"and 67" versions of the Venture) are capable of running into 32 off and 34 mph. So keep her on the stable ski as opposed to putting her on something wild and turning her off all together. As a side note, the Triumph series is awesome. Is the Venture right for her height/weight?

The Triumph was the other one she was thinking of trying next. The Venture is probably a bit big for her, but the thought was to keep her more stable for now and then to go shorter later when she gets better and more comfortable. I was surprised how well she did so quickly. She also made note of how tiring a set can be on a slalom ski. She can go a long time on a wakeboard making big jumps etc and not easily tire, but she was crawling onto the dock after a few passes on the ski.

Part of the reason she wanted to get into slalom skiing is that she works at the local watersports shop and wanted to feel more qualified to sell ski equipment. Now that she has tried some different skis she feels like she can make better recommendations. She just didn't realize how much fun it is to ride a slalom ski and it has definitely changed her perspective.

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Great to hear!!!!  Send pics of the young champ!  Keep her on the currnet set up until, (as mentioned above), pushes it hard!


I did take some pics and a video of her. I'll have to post a pic when I get a chance to download them off of the camera.

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Here is a pic from the first time she got up long line deep water start. I took a video a couple of days later when she was on the Venture and starting to get more comfortable.


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