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Replace prop with original or change

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Not to beat a dying horse, but this past weekend I tore up the stock prop on my RLXI

(an ACME 13 x 11.5 525) and now I am looking for a spare / replacement. I read one post recommending a 13 x 13 425 giving a better pull out of the hole (not a yank that everyone else besides me complains of) .

I am one of the few that has a Merc Tow Sports with 315 h.p.

Should I go with a 425, or get another 13 x 11.5. I am a rec. skier and am not interested in top end, better fuel economy would be nice.

On a separate note where to buy? Is there a special size prop puller that I need to buy? I noticed two different prop pullers on DIM.



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Are you positive that your motor is 315hp? The 315hp that Mercury makes is the 350 Mag, but Malibu doesn't offer that one - at least not on the option list. The only Mercury engine option for 2004 was the 330hp Black Scorpion. I would have to assume that there were no changes for 2005.

Regarding the prop... I also have the 330 Black Scorpion and my stock prop was the ACME 515, which I have been very happy with. I am considering going to the 13x12.5 or 13x13 next year, but will first give one a trial run beforehand.

From what I've heard, ACME has been open in the past to letting people try a couple props or swap one if you aren't happy with it.


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Yeah, the Mercruiser 350 Tow Sports puts out only 315 h.p. Couple posts indicated going to a 13 x 13 would allow the engine to come on cam smoother, and allow a more accurate speedo below 18 mph.

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I'm real confused because Malibu definitely doesn't document that they offered the 350 Mag as an option, at least on the option list nor on the web site's list of options for the RLXi.

The 330 Black Scorpion is also a 350 block.

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I have a 515 and a 525, my 525 runs 150rpms higher. I would think the 515 would be better in fuel economy. I switched to a 525 for more torque because of all the ballast used for wakesurfing. :)

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