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Concussion while Sky Skiing


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Had an unspectacular crash while on the Sky Ski (with a helmet) in the Delta on July 4th. Apparently I said "ouch" but I kept going for about 15 minutes. Got in the boat, looked around and asked "where are we?" I knew everyone in the boat but nothing else...not the date, place, current president etc. Wound up in Lodi Memorial ER for 18 hrs under neuro observation. Two CAT scans (no bleeds), memory started returning after 12 hours. As my memory returned, I had to relive the memory of my Mom's passing (January) as if it just happened - that sucked!. I did get all my memory back except for that one day (I can live with that!).

I've had much worse crashes on the Sky Ski and wakeboard before. I don't know why this time rattled the brain (Possible theory from those on the boat: Too small a brain for my head = too much sloshing around?) I was fortunate that my wife (a nurse practitioner) knew what to do (get me to a hospital asap). She kept her wits about her, telephoned for the nearest hospital, directions, etc. Scared the crap out of everyone in the boat, including myself. Apparently I knew I had a concussion and kept asking the same questions every 10 seconds (they were timing me): "Where are we? What happened? Did I lose consciousness? Was the crash spectacular? The group finally wrote down the answers to my questions so I would stop asking them.

I know that $hit happens, just a warning to everyone to be prepared... The debate of wearing a helmet vs. not wearing one is a moot point for me. I will continue to wear a helmet all the time while Sky Skiing. Just seems to make sense for me.

I've got a 3 second video ("quicktime" but I can't seem to get it uploaded.

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Well, good to hear the outcome is good. Like you said, it sounds like a case of the marble rollin around in the bucket. And one can argue that a helmet was the cause or kept it from being worse. Just glad it wasn't worse.

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Here is some interesting reading


Pros and cons with the helmet. I'm keeping mine.

mikeg......glad you got a pass this time around. I was going to razz you for not having a spectacular crash story, but I remembered that my headache came courtesy of a leaf wrapped around the t bar, so it looks like you get a pass on that too.

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Concussion is often caused by the rapid deceleration and your brain banging around in your skull, and not via impact with solid objects so an artificial brain bucket is little use in many cases. Certainly a big help for your natural brain bucket contacts board, ski, ramp, slider etc though.

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Glad you're okay!!

Last year a took a pretty hard hit and I don't remember the accident at all, I had a headache but that was it. The next day at work all of the sudden from about mid chest up went all numb and tingled, I then got light headed and started to pass out. I ended up in the ER for about 6 hours while they ran all kinds of tests. They never found anything wrong. Dontknow.gif

I to wear my helmet and a barefoot neck brace for those face plants.


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I have had a few concussions while wakeboarding one with no helmet or mouthpiece, one with a helmet no mouth piece and one very slight one with a mouthpiece only, in that order. Same situation as you, crashed got up and went for another 10-15 minutes. There is no wrong or right answer, is my conclusion. Once you get one you are more subceptable to getting another one. I have read alot and talked to a lot of different people, including a UFC fighter. They use mouthpieces to help against concussions, so I thought that I would get one and I have to admit it didn't stop me from getting one but it helped in the severity. I only lost a few minutes versus several hours. I have a very basic one from the Shock doctor which you can find pretty easily ($30.00). However the best one you can get is the one that is molded to you by a dentist but it will cost you a little money. Good luck

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