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Cold starting trouble


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I have a 92 Euro f3. My problem is that it is a pain to start when cold ie. getting off the trailer. I have to pump the throttle and turn the motor over alot. Once it is warmed up I have no problems starting. Could it be a carb problem or what?

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I had a Tantrum with a carb motor. Sounds normal to me. If the boat has sat for a while, the gas runs back to the tank and it takes some cranking to get it running.

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I have a '95 carb engine. I only pump it once or twice at first, crank it for a few seconds to get some gas into the carb, then pump it again once or twice and it fires right up. I think that is normal for a carb engine that sits for a week or so between starts.

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You will eventually develop a routine for cold starts. Experiment with how many pumps of the throttle it takes to fire up. Mine can take up to 8 pumps then hit the key and starts up. Or I can pump 3 or 4 times, hit the key and crank while continuing to pump and after 3 or 4 more pumps it turns over. Some carbs take more gas to start than others. Not a problem but it's just the way it is.

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I have investigated putting an aftermarket EFI system on mine. It is not cheap! A 2 - 3k job. Many people say not to use many of the systems because they don't work well on a marine application. I want to update to a new or newer Bu, but instead, I may still have to sell what I have. The jury is still out. We need to meet with our attorney to find out our next move is for our law suite. It's a long story.

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I wonder if an electric fuel pump would make things better....I went out yesterday and took 87skier's advice and it started in about 5 seconds..I also ran a higher octane fuel which might have helped...I would love to get a new bu with EFI and all of the goodies but with getting out of the service coming up soon I need to just be happy with what I got...thanks for all of the help.

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An electric fuel pump will get the fuel up to the carb as soon as you turn the key on, filling the bowls. Indeed that should make some improvement when the boat sits for an extended length of time. Just allow the EFP to build up to pressure, give a couple of throttle pumps, and hit the key.

Of course you will have to do a little of fuel line plumbing.

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