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Best Boom Bar


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If you go with the ECI, get the Agressor as it's rated for bigger people. With that said, if you ever even think that you may want to extend the boom out farther from the boat (for example, maybe you're using it on someone else's boat & the spray is worse), then get the BI. BI makes extensions for their booms & the clamps are rated for it, while ECI does not. I had an ECI Agressor & just based on the extension issue alone I would get a BI next time.

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I'm happy with my Barefoot International. I'm sure I'd be happy with the ECI as well...don't think you can go wrong either way.

I agree with Brent.

The BI boom is very heavy.

BI makes a good product and it is hard to go wrong with BI across the board.

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I've had both and currently have the BI. The BI "feels" a little stronger to me? I don't know why. Looks nice. But the ECI has an adjustable quick clamp if you move it up and down the pole a lot. Each is fine just go with what looks better to you as in the end they do the same thing and cost about the same.

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I have an ECI Aggressor boom for my 2003 Sportster LX. The boom works great, and I love the easy on and off clamp and it's adjustability. With that being said, like someone else mentioned you can't extend it out. Usually not a problem BUT I have wanted to extend it at times when I am on shoe skis and when my 7 year old daughter foots. At the slower speeds the spray has a tendency to hit or come real close to my legs and is harder for my daughter to foot in perfect water. If I had to do it again I would probably buy a Bemmans boom. I have a Bemmans High Pylon and love it and Scarpa uses the Bemmans and they seem to be flawless. I like the Bemmans also because it has only one cable and it makes it easier to wrap up a handle on the boom to teach kids. My ECI has double cables and it is more of a pain to get the handle on the boom to be safe. My two cents.

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We're on our 3rd BI boom, a Deluxe Quad V. The 2 previous were a gunnel mount on my I/O and a center pylon mount on a FlightCraft. All have been excellent products with good support for the few times we've needed it. I highly recommend BI.

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I love my BI boom, but I gotta say that it's quite heavy. If you are going to use it to teach kids how to ski and some light footers, then I'd get a lighter one (no experience with the Bemans, but I do like the ECI). If you are going to hang a big guy on it, or extend it, then get the BI.

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With the potential injury that would result if one of these "lighter" booms were to have a mechanical failure(not unheard of) why buy anything but a BI ? Besides that you can call Mike Seipel (Barefooting LEGEND!!!!) and talk to him like you've known him for 20 years. The guy is cool and makes himself readily available to talk to his customers. I will keep supporting him by buying BI products that's for sure.

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