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Zero Off Speed overshooting

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I am having problems with ZO overshooting the speed by 3-4mph. This is getting to be a big problem for our short setup lakes that we have around here.

ZO sent me a new unit and it still does the same thing. There are no diagnostic codes and all of the wires look tight. I also called Indmar and they didn't know what it could be either. The MC's and the Nautique that I drive regularly doesn't do this at all ... I am wondering if we have a compatibility issue with the Malibus. Maybe our fancy throttle with DBW and shift by wire is too fancy for ZO ...

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

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Although I don't have ZO I do have PP SG. I have been trying to dial in the SG for 2 years now and finnaly got where it should be. SG has pre-gate, 1 ball, and 3 ball settings. In addition, SG has a setting called Inverted Tach. It seems like the Malibus and SG didn't want to match up very well. Once I switched the prop and went to the inverted tach setting I have been gettings some great times and consistent speeds. Maybe ZO has something similar.

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I have talked briefly to DK ... it sounds like this is kind of common but it has been exacerbated on my boat for some reason ... We do have some short lakes, but the boat still doesn't settle into speed nearly as easily as our competition!

Thanks JohnDoe ... I put this post up there as well today ... I'll let everyone know if they figure it out.

The inverted tach thing is interesting ... I knew about the CR / CS settings in SG ... is this the same thing? I sent the description of those setting to the ZO support guy and it doesn't sound like they have that embedded in their program.

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I don't thing that is the same as the inverted tack. If you go to PP web-site they have an explaination on the inverted tach. (Text Attached)

The vast majority of boats with mechanical Star Gazer Systems operate with a Standard V8 tachometer setting. The odd boat will run smoother and maintain a “tighter” control when the signal is set as “inverted”.

To determine which is ideal for your boat, set the system in RPM Mode at 3400 RPM and run in open water. The system should engage and lock on 3400 very quickly and maintain a very steady RPM digital tachometer readout. (Should not move more than 10 rpm)

If during this test your PerfectPass digital tachometer does not settle well, or you see spikes (particularly on the high side of 3400) you may wish to try the “inverted” setting and perform this same test.

Go to USER SETTINGS (Menu & Up Keys together) and move to ENGINE SET UP. Press the Up Key to select Standard or Inverted V8.

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Problem solved ... bad antenna ... Can't blame Malibu or ZO! Garmin's fault!! Thanks to DK at Malibu and Eric and ZO for the service!!!

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