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Question for those that leave boat @ marina


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We're headed to the lake for a week and leaving the boat in a semi-private marina. Anyone have problems with equipment "walking away?"

What do you leave in the boat Vs. what do you take out nightly? It's a fair hike up a dirt hill to the truck.

Anyone ever have problems with raccoons? (I'm paranoid, I know...)



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I leave my boat in a semi private marina. I always take my boards and good life jackets with me. I leave everything else, the orange life jackets, ropes, handles, etc. Never had a problem with anything walking away. I guess it all depends on the area you're going to be in.

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Well last weekend we thought a cool mamoesa was the drink of choice for the am. So we drove into town to get the right mixes. I ask the boys at the marina(new melones) if I could park my boat in the best spot. They said sure,so we were gone for 1.5 hrs with the key in the ignition. Here in norcal some of us old guys feel pretty comfortable with are lakes and have a good amount of trust for are fellow boaters.

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Anytime we have ever tied up in a marina we have left everything in the boat, including the keys. We pull the keys and throw them under the seat cushion. We usually cover it with a mooring tarp which may reduce the liklihood of theft - what's not obvious may be less tempting.

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I've kept my boat at the Don Pedro Fleming Meadows marina over night a few times.

They do have a locked gate on the walk way but I take the keys boards and any obvious stuff, keep everything out of sight and lock the trunks and glove box. The only thing I worry about are the amps and subs $$$ I just hope if there is a thief he'll look at the newer bigger boats and go there :)

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I have a friend who leaves his boat in the marina at Mc Clure all summer no theft but, it gets beat to crap.

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This is the seventh year I've had a boat moored on the river and we have not had a problem thus far. We keep some of the vests and a couple of boards in the boat, but carry the rest down as needed. I was nervous about leaving the boat so far from us at first, but have relaxed. We aren't stupid about what we leave and what is showing, but I've gotten to the point where if someone really wants to steal something, I can't stop them.

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FWIW, my boat lives at a marina 24/7/365. In 3 1/2 seasons, my boat has been boarded, as far

as I know, only once without my permission.

The tell-tale sign was that my cover, which I put on and cinch down every night, was flapping in the

breeze, and one of the side pulleys for the cover was missing. Nothing was stolen off of my boat,

but I don't have tower speakers or a lot of cash tied up in the stereo system, and I rarely ever leave

any toys overnight. I was lucky that they weren't interested in tool boxes, vests, ropes, lines,

fenders, or my anchor.

When I first mentioned my suspicions to the owner of the marina, he was skeptical, thinking that

maybe a strong breeze may have blown my cover loose. It turned out, though, that multiple boats had

been boarded and thousands of dollars worth of wakeboards, skis, kneeboards, and other toys were

stolen. No stereo equipment was missing on any of the boats, at least that time. Other equipment

was stolen on at least one other occasion, but, again, not from my boat.

The bottom line: it's eventually gonna happen if you leave your boat and equipment out on a regular

basis. I'm inclined to think that locking the rear lockers is a bad idea, that if they have made the

decision to steal something from you, they will not hesitate to pry open the lockers, especially since

they will suspect that, if locked, that's where the valuable stuff is. But, putting the cover on makes

sense to me. For one thing, it keeps the bird poop out of the boat (birds just love roosting on the

tower), and keeps the flying insects out as well.

By the way, I've never had a problem with critters. YMMV.

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