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Runner Position Indicator


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Ok guys...I searched the site for some type of rudder angle/position indicator, but found nothing of value. Hoping to find a digital (LCD) readout unit of some type that will show your rudder position at a glance so you know exactly what direction you are going to head off into. I know about the manual "Davis" unit....but was hoping for something more sophisticated (MUCH more!)

Since the steering is so neutral on my 247 LSV, it's hard to always count wheel turns so you know just where you're headed after circling your boarder for the next pull.

Surprisingly, Google hasn't been much of a help either (at least so far).

Any ideas on this???

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Rustie, a quick Google for "rudder angle indicator" yeilded these for me.







There's plenty of equipment around. Much of it will be oriented to yachting and sea-going vessels but there's likely to be one that is readily adaptable to a ski boat for a reasonable price.

Hope it helps...

Regards, Stephen.

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I used to use a Davis rudder indicator on my I.O. and loved it . Worked great. On my I.O., If you started out with wheel 1 turn off, it would sometimes kick all the way to that side and not very comfortable feeling. On a direct or V drive, If you just hold the wheel loosely to slide through hands and start abruptly (HIT IT) it will straighten itself out due to prop wash going past rudder. This is no problem as far as I am concerned. It don't jerk off line like an I.O. can. At lower speed take offs, It shouldn't be a problem to make corrections. Hope that makes sense.

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I can see the usefulness of a rudder position indicator on a sailboat, where there is little feedback through the wheel when under way especially at low speeds, but not on a ski boat.

Even when I hit the throttle with the wheel not centered, it takes a fraction of a second to recognize and correct. After navigating at slow speeds to pick up a rider, don't you have to 'drive' at least a little way to take the slack out of the rope? That should give you planty of time to figure out if your rudder is straight (or very close, anyway) Just doesn't seem like $200 well spent.

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I won't profess to know if it's money well spent or not... OP gets to make that call imho.

But thought I'd add - they're considerably more than $200.

The boatersworld link is just for the display.

There's still the reference armature, some wiring, mounting hardware etc.

There are quite a few different steering systems from ski boats to sail boats to cruisers, so the reference armature has to be ordered specific to your install. I'm guessing $450 plus installation...or thereabouts.

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Well obviously you guys all got that it was supposed to be "RUDDER" and not runner. Holy keeerap...how did I get that wrong (fingers too fat)....

So, does anyone know how to edit the title?

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Best rudder indicator I know of is the throttle

Yep....I agree, but to prevent any steering "wiggle" when just picking the boarder after a fall, it would certainly be nice to see exact neutral at a glance. I can get pretty damn close most times, but often enough, there is that unknown steering angle created by all the people on board, the loud music....and of course, all the peeps out on the water on Sea Doos and other ski boats (this 4th was a HOOT...full of people!)

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