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alternator or battery problem? I need Help

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My small problem is turning out to be a huge problem with my battery or alternator but I dont know which one. Please bare with me.

06 Malibu VLX with 340 monsoon engine.

Late last summer I had the belt on the engine replaced because it was frayed and almost broken. After replacing the belt the engine started to make a slight squealing noise from the belt in the engine. I completely forgot to fix the squealing last season and during the winter and did not remember about it until i heard it again at the begining of this season. Which was a late start for me. I had the dealership come to my marina to check the engine for the squealing noise. The tech came to my boat at the marina while it was in the water, without me there, and checked out the squealing noise. The tech couldnt find where I left the key so he "hot wired" my boat diagnoise the problem. The tech forgot to "un-hotwire" my boat and left the boat on for four days!! Which drained my Kinetik HC2000 starter/radio deep cycle battery. The tech says the squealing noise is coming from a broken bolt on the alternator. Mad.gif

My problem now is when I jump started the boat it would not stay on. The boat would stay on for maybe 30sec-2min and then turn back off. while the boat was jump started i had no dash and the motor sounded very weak. I usually run two batteries, one for amps only and the other for original boat accessories and starter. The starter battery was at home charging, so i went home and got the battery. I reinstalled my starter battery and the boat started with no problem but the voltage while the boat is on was 11.6-11.8. I drove the boat around for a few minutes and the voltage did not go up at all.

I think the alternator might be bad but i dont have the time to wait for dealership to get the parts and diagnoise the rest of the problems. the dealership is backed up and I have a trip planned for the 4th at Torch Lake Michigan in less than a week!! Dontknow.gif



sorry if i dont have every detail organized, trying my best while im at work. Vomit.gif

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First, fix the broken bolt and make sure the batteries are fully charged. Next, not knowing what was done to "hot wire" the boat check to make sure you have 12v at the alternator. Don't forget to check your circuit breakers just to be sure it is not something simple. If the alternator is charging you should see approx. 13.5 - 14v at the battery. If you have 12v at the alternator and under 13v with the engine running your alternator is most likley shot.

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Twice, I had no charge issues. Both times nothing more than the ring terminal breaking in half (vibration). Put on a new crimp connector and problem sloved. ( Because I hate the thought of having to deal with corrosion issues, I cut off the insulator from the connector , slide on some heat shrink tube, crimp, solder, heat shrink, done)

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By the way the tech "hotwired" my boat directly from the ignition switch, the tech had to guide me over the phone on how to reinstall the wires correctly. The flippin idiot also broke one of my locker locks so he could gain access to the engine. Does anyone know where i could purchase better locks from for the locker? Frustrated.gif

Thanks guys i will check the terminals and voltage at the battery and alternator first thing monday morning when i get to the boat. Going fourwheeling all day sunday. I love Michigan so much to do!! Yahoo.gif

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