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2010 LSV 23 - changing religions....


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I just bought a 2010 LSV 23. I know your saying, how can that be, they have not been released yet. Well its true. I pick it up on Tuesday and it was the photo shoot boat for the 2010 Catelog. As far as I can tell it is the same as the '09 model but it has the new Malibu Tower on it. I have seen pics, but cant post them. My understanding is that Malibu will release them on Monday so I can post pics after that. I really like it and am super excited for the new boat. By the way I now have a 2005 X-Star for sale!!!

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Welcome to TMC! Please give us a firsthand account and pics as soon as possible. Clap.gif

It is similar in shape to the Illusion X. It is stainless steel and aluminum. It breaks down very easily and folds inside the windshield. It also has very nice swing board racks integrated into it. I liked it alot. I still think the Xstar board racks are the best with no bungies, but these worked very nice. I think the pics will start flowing on Monday.


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Didn't know I couldn't post pictures of it. I saw them last week during the photo shoot. I'm glad to have the Illusion XS. Is the new tower Titan's response? Looks to be a combo between the illusion and the titan.

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Superbad, and not in the good way. I don't know what's worse the tower or the WS decal in what looks to be chineese handwriting. Vomit.gif

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Horrible tower design the only thing that looks worse is the Axis tower. What are they thinking? I also wish they would do some sort of an improved version of the tribal graphics and logo.

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Awful... I don't get it. I understand the need to change something up for the new years line, but why change the tower? The XS was great. I hope it looks better in person, but those pictures are horrible. Kind of cool new logo though.

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Both the tower and graphics are horrible. The Illusion XS was the best tower design yet. Bad Malibu, bad...

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The only good thing I can see for me in in those pics is I have no desire to buy a new boat anymore, Malibu is saving me money!...that is the ugliest tower I have ever seen based on those pictures Lame.gif

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Markman, you're Andy's pal, right!

Welcome to the "other" side!


Yep, I am andy's friend. After 6 years of badgering, I finally caved and came to the dark side. I am pretty excited for the new ride. I get it tomorrow or wednesday.


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I've been on Andy's boat dozens of times, so I am pretty sure I know what I will like and not liek compared to the X-star.

Here are the likes. You with more experience will have to let me know if I am on or not.

1) Handling - huge increase in handling and performance. Not that the X-star was bad, well maybe a little bad, but the LSV handles really well

2) Wake Surf - huge improvement

3) Convenience - presets, power wedge, malivue, etc.

4) Usable size - we always have a huge group with us with lots of kids - we will miss the large Bow of the x-star

5) Fit and finish - other than the snap out carpet on my x-star that I really like - I prefer the fit and finish on the LSV.

What I will miss

1) I loved the board racks on the x-star

2) Swim ladder off the front - sounds silly but when we stop and swim the kids jump off the front and stay up there, keeps the rest of us a little drier

3) Looks - I know this is personal preference, but my x-star was a looker. My LSV much more "sophisticated" . I am sure I will love it.


1) wake - we are not hard core wakeboarders, but I love the wake on my x-star.

2) Tower - I personally like the new tower, I will not be for everyone. I dont know if it is an upgrade to the Illusion XS or my X-star tower. I like the all.

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5) Fit and finish - other than the snap out carpet on my x-star that I really like - I prefer the fit and finish on the LSV.

Get the carpet saver kit, it like $400 and worth every penny.....

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