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Boat Lift Specs


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I am tired of trailering our 97 response in and out of the lake every weekend at our cabin, however in looking for a lift (especially used) I have come to the conclusion I have no idea what I'm looking for. What do I need to get this thing out of the water, size and weight limits would be helpful??

Thanks in advance

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I have an 06 Response LXI....I have been a "trailer boater" for the last 15 years, I just bought a Feighner hydro boat lift.

Best thing I have ever done (next to learning to barefoot !!)

If you call 1-800-boatlift the guys there are great, they can give you all the info you are looking for.

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Check with local marinas and dock guys. There are always local people that will help you out, probably start with your Malibu dealer.

I'm just another guy with a lift & boat, but a couple of things to consider:

1. Boat size - I'm guessing a 3,600lb lift will do (that's what I have, with a 2,600lb boat...would never go any smaller)

2. Water depth - where you're putting the lift, is it shallow or deep? That will help you determine the right lift. Our spot drops off VERY quickly, so I'm at zero elevation in the front but over my head in the back, so I needed deep water extensions.

3. Canopy - I would never consider doing without a canopy. The cost will save you the cost of a new interior and dash components. Mine is 23', which is just right for the 20' boat (plus platform). You can also go with canopy extensions so that you can raise the boat with a tower still up. I lower my tower each time, again to get maximum protection from the canopy

4. Maintenance/wearable components - Some designs require more maintenance, and are expensive. I have an older cantilever and it works great, cable is accessible, pulleys are cheap and few, etc.

5. Electric motor - don't know anything about them, haven't the time or money to mess with it. But they seem REALLY convenient.

6. Removal and installation - they're heavy

That's my 2 cents, good luck!

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I'd recommend a 5000 lb vertical lift with a nice deep canopy and a motor on the lift mechanism. You'd probably be able to get away with a 4000# lift for that boat, but you have to wonder what your next boat will be, and whether or not you will buy it within the lifespan of the lift.

The brand you buy will depend largely on where you're from. Popularity/availability varies from state-to-state.

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Big Stig,

I just bought a new 40120 Direct drive Shorestation w/26ft canopy. Let me tell you I'm still in shock with the cost. I didn't go used because I couldn't find a 120 wide used, but if I could have I would have really considered it. I would think the response would fit fine in a 108 wide, and there seems to be plenty of those around used.

Good Luck

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