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Ticking sound

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Hi guys,

Please forgive my ignorance but I need some troubleshooting in "Dummy" terms. I am trying to learn how to work on my inboard myself but I don't have much knowledge. I have searched all the forums and you guys seem to be the most knowledgeable. I have a 351 Windsor engine and after being on the lake all day it started to tick. It was loud enough that I could hear it with the cover down and very loud when I lifted the engine cover. I think it is coming from the back of the engine. It seemed to have less power after that when lifting wakeboarders out of the water. I think I even noticed it bogging a little at running speed. (it usually boggs at low speed) Can someone tell me the possible problems? also, how to attempt to fix it?

Thanks in advance

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How is the oil level? Condition of the oil? Last oil change? Is there any sludge in the engine?

I just bought the boat on the 1st of May so I am unsure about the oil. I'll check as soon as I get home.

How do you check for sludge in the engine? Sorry, like I said I am just learning.

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Could be a bad lifter. Very likely something in the valve train.

If you don't have a fair ability in this kind of work it may be best for a machanic to have a look.

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What yr and modle Bu do you have? I see you have the 351 Windsor engine and not sure what they put that in. What area do you live in?

I have to agree to check the oil first.

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Not saying this is the cause but Normally you want to check your oil levels before every outing especially since you just bought your boat you don't know how fast the 351 is going through your oil. And like others have said sounds like it could be a valve train problem stuck lifter flat cam lobe worn springs... or maybe just an exhaust leak.

Do a complete tune up plugs cap rotor points if you have them ? definitely the impeller. if none of this makes sense you need to take it to a shop.

Hope it's a simple fix for you, good luck.

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I think your problem is it's a Ford.

But seriously, I would start with a cap and rotor and go from there.

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To look for sludge look inside the valve cover ( through the oil fill cap ) and stick your finger in there WITH THE ENGINE OFF. Look for black sticky goo and if you see alot of it ....... Cry.gif

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Possibly arching ignition wires?

Tune up & oil change. I do that on any used vehicle I buy. Gets me familiar with the vehicle in a hurry & I know what the status is on everything.

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