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Wake Surfing with 2004 VLX


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I recently purchased a 2004 VLX. Been out surfing a few times and I am having a tough time finding the perfect wake. So far the best wake I have found for surfing on the passenger side is:

- wake plate down

- center ballast half full

- passenger side ballast full

- driver side ballast empty

- 3 people sitting on passenger side

Any suggestions on improving my stock wake? Also, if I am going to buy some ballast sacks, how much is recommended and where should I put them?

Thanks in advance.

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Last summer we had 300+# lead in the bow, full front MLS, rear passenger MLS and a V-drive sack of at least 300#, Wedge and 4 200# guy's in the boat with one sitting on the trunk, 10.5-11.5mph depending on rider and I drove sitting on the observers seat in a slight arc to the left, it worked Thumbup.gif

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AbFlyFish, we added some 750 lb sacks to my VTX and it made a huge difference. I was able surf with the stock ballast but it was difficult. Where do you boat at?

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In Whitefish, MT. Live in Lethbridge. You?

Do you use your wedge? Where did you locate your 750# sacs and how many?

I realize all boats are a little different. Just trying to get a general idea of where to start.....

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750 in port locker, wedge at 9:00 or so depending on speed. usually around 10-11 mph. We found that adding a person or two in the bow helpes lenthen the pocket quite a bit. Next time out we might try to add a little more weight on the port seats as well.

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I bought mine from Wizard Lake Marine in Calmar. Their prices were pretty much the same as online. And there was no shipping or customs from the US for me!!!

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We used the wedge but on the first run I forgot to put it down and I didn't notice a huge difference at these slow speeds, but I wasn't the one riding it either.

If I don't add the extra weight to the bow it's nowhere near as good.

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A 750 in the surf side locker and additional bags on the surf side seat and in the bow depending on how many people are with you. The goal is to get rrub rail about 3-4" from the water.

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I had a 04 vlx and now have a 05 VLX. I have the wedge down, all the factory ballast filled. Then on the surf side 2 v-Drive sacks 800lbs. I have 4 FLY HIGH PRO X SERIES FAT SAC BRICK BALLAST 155lbs + of which I place one in the bow and three on the surf side on the side seats. Then 10.5-11.5 mph. Enjoy. The bricks are great because you can move around based on # of people in the boat.

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I set my vride up last year one time just to see what would happen.

750 in port locker full

750 on port seats

middle tank full

bow bag full

750 in the walkway

wedge down

speed was 11ish

boat got soaked...riders had fun

I got my sacks from onlyinboards great price and better service.

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