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Which of these Thru-Hull water pick-up fittings?


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So it's my turn to do this project. And I see most folks using a variety of thru-hull connectors for their water pickups. I've found three from Groco that I think worthy. One's got a scoop and large strainer. One's notched for helping steer a high speed pickup. One's flush with the hull and is typical of the typ of connectors I'm seeing in the gallery.

What are y'alls opinions of them? They're all closely priced enough that I'd rather get the "right" one. I'll back them all up with a seacock on the dry side of the hull so I'm not really worried about size or impact resistance.






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Oh, and before I get any jokes based on seacocks from you jokers. :) This is what my setup will look like. Frankly I'm a little scared at how many gallery images I see without any kind of strain relief beyond a nut on the dry side of the hull and some Sea-Life holding the thru-hull together.


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id use the factory style pickup, which looks like a drain plug fitting. but if you didnt want to go that route my next choice would be #3 of your pics

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  • 4 weeks later...

For kicks I used #1 and it works as advertised. Full flow pickup even at 30mph. You've really got to dry-fit a time or two to make sure the pickup will be pointing in the right direction after you tighten it down though. Spent some time with the file on one of mine racing the Sea-Life while it was curing. Dontknow.gif

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  • 4 weeks later...

I know this is an old thread, but I'm sure this is a common question for people that are retrofitting ballast, so I figured I would chime in.

If you're using aerator type pumps (Attwood, Rule, etc.) then use the third option. If you're using an impeller pump (Jabsco), use option 1 or, more preferably, option 2.

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  • 1 month later...

For the record I used option #1 with Aerator style pumps. In retrospect I probably wouldn't use that one again just because it is a significant challenge to get the threads cut to the perfect length to wind up with the whole thru-hole / seacock assembly oriented correctly.

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  • 2 years later...

Sorry to pump such an old topic, but I have more than a couple people contact me about the information I provided in my last post. We've learned a lot in three years since I posted that you should use a scupper style intake for reversible pumps.

We no longer recommend that, and our preference is to use a mushroom style intake for all systems, regardless of the style of pump. In fact, we no longer sell anything but mushroom type intakes. We did a lot of testing, and a mushroom fitting gives better performance, without the chance for debris to clog the intake, and will not force water past the impeller like scupper style pumps can. If anyone has questions feel free to contact me, otherwise, just go with the mushroom intake.

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