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2000 Malibu Sunsetter

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I have a 2000 Sunsetter, with a 5.7L, when I accelerate it hesitates and cuts out then picks up untill higher rpms then it feels like it is hitting a rev limiter. Any suggestions? j

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Each of those have been checked and done. The only thing that has changed is last winter when I winterized it, I removed the knock sensor, it broke, so I replaced it with a new one. I am wondering if a bad knock sensor would cause it.

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My 2000 response is doing the EXACT same thing, & i also broke a knock sensor while winterizing. it ran great before that. I have pretty much ruled out a fuel problem with testing fuel pressure, checking & cleaning fuel screens, new filters, drained the fuel & started with fresh gas. Also did plugs, wires, cap, rotor.

I bought a new knock sensor today, & am going to try that. I'll let you know. Read the "ENGINE TROUBLE" thread.

A mechanic friend of mine said that if you overtighten the knock sensor, it can screw it up. Keep us posted.

where in MT are you at?

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Read your fault codes! My 1999 Sunsetter had a similar problem until I reset the codes, then it ran great. You can search google for a DIY code reader. All you need is a paper clip and LED light.

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No, you get the LED and paper clip, then turn the key on (don't start the boat) and use the paper clip to put the boat in service mode. Next put your throttle to full and back to neutral. Codes are reset!

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Those were the exact symptoms we had with a 05 Supra when the fuel filter was starting to go. Hesitation around 2500 -> 3000 RPM, then run fine until close to full throttle.

$10 & 45 mins finding screws in the carpet & we were good for the rest of the week.

Edit: When you say 'checked & done', which were checked & which were replaced?

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No, you get the LED and paper clip, then turn the key on (don't start the boat) and use the paper clip to put the boat in service mode. Next put your throttle to full and back to neutral. Codes are reset!

can you explain where to put the clip to put in service mode, & or read codes? thanks

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DIY Code Reader

Materials needed:

One 12volt resistor type LED light - Standard LED nothing special make sure it is a 12 VOLT

One small paper clip cut in half

That’s it!

This home made code tool works every bit as well as the one I paid $50.00 for. It will work on most 1993 to 2000 marine EFI systems with the ten pin Data Link Connector. This includes MerCruiser, Volvo, Crusader, PCM, Indmar, and a few others.

How to hook it up:

1) Ignition key “OFF”

2) Remove the cap from the Data Link Connector (DLC)

3) Slide the LED into the female terminals of position E and F on the DLC, making sure that the positive side goes into terminal F and the negative side into terminal E. No damage will occur if you get it backwards, it just won't work.

4) Turn the ignition key to the “ON” position. The LED should come on steady.

5) Insert the half paper clip into terminals A and B – This puts the engine in “Service Mode” and codes will begin to flash on the LED. On 1996 and earlier engines you may hear the fuel pump come on. If not you should be able to hear the Idle Air Control (IAC) motor move. Use care in this step, do not insert in the wrong terminals or ECM damage could result! Look closely, the terminals are clearly marked.

6) Read codes by observing LED flashs. If the self diagnostic system is working it will flash code 12 – one flash, pause, two flashes, long pause – it will repeat three times. If other codes are present they will flash in order of lowest to highest. Continue to read codes until the code 12 sequence is repeated.

You can also be clear codes (by moving the throttle to 100% and back) and set base timing while in Service Mode.

If you want to make a plug-in Service module use the following link

The connector is a Packard "Mertri-Pack" 150 series sealed 10 pin male connector. In addition to the connector body you will need the TPA (grey thing that clips to the top), terminals, seals, and (optional) plugs.

Info on Metri-pack connectors:

http://www.powerandsignal.com/IDC/Produ ... iPack.aspx

Click on "2003-04 Global Connection Systems Catalog -- Metri-Pack 150"

http://www.powerandsignal.com/docs/Catalog/met150.pdf (page 17)

black tower cover (my name for it) PN - 12045808

TPA PN - 12124264

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thanks for the info cstello. got the reader to work on my boat, however still having problems. see "engine trouble thread"

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