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Water in boat


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My first year owning a Bu...

95 Response

Have a question about how much water should be in the boat after use...

Everytime we take the boat out whether for a couple of sets or for a little evening cruise around the lake. When I get back put it on the lift and turn the bilge on there is about a half gallon water that comes out. This happens even when no one is getting in and out of the boat.

Is this normal to have this water? if not where should I look for where it is coming in.

I have never left the boat in the water overnight, always out of the water. the original owner would sometimes not crank it completely out of the water if that helps. I also know it is a 95 and things wear out.

I am only asking because we are going to another lake for the weekend (don't ask me why, wife wants to go) and will leave it in the water from Friday to Sunday and don't want to wake up to a submarine.

any insight would be appreciated...

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A half gallon is not much at all to have after a couple sets and a cruise. It is likely coming from your shaft packing, and is completely normal.

If your going to leave it in the lake over the weekend, just make sure the 'automatic' feature of your bilge pump works. You can check it by putting the plugs in and put a garden hose in the bilge, and make sure the pump turns on at some point.

Also, make sure your battery is in good shape.

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While it is normal, especially for a 95, it can be reduced by tightening the packing a bit. This is something I've been working on on my v drive but is considerably easier to access on your Response. You can also get a GorTex packing that is "virtually dripless" at Skidim.com. Then you can tighten it down so it doesn't leak at all.

Might be a winter job too.

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it is super easy to do, I had water in my bilge all the time and I repacked with the gortex packing 3 years ago and haven't had a problem since. Repacking was easy and inexpensive. Also check to see if it is leaking where your rudder comes though the hull.

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