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accuski speed control on 99 rlx


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I bought a 99 rlx last fall and am sorting out little things. It has an accuski system. I need to know if the system picks up speed info from the mdc or from a paddlewheel. There is a paddlewheel (I think, but it is hard to tell since the PO siliconed over it .. mounted just opposite the depth guage sensor in the hull bottom), but it must have leaked or something hence the silicone. My boat has two mdc units. One under the dash and one at the transom behind the carpeted panel. The pitot tubes feed into the mdc at the transom from a "t" junction in the tubing before the tubes continue to the front mdc. The transom mdc has a 3rd plug in that sends info or something to the accuski mounted in the dash.. I know because I unplugged the cable and the accuski display wouldn't turn on and it had worked prior to unplugging. The under dash mounted mdc only has the standard two plugs along with the pitot tube connections. My pal's 2000 rlx has only one mdc under the dash and he has no accuski system. Anyone know why my boat would have two mdc units?

Does anyone have a quick and dirty way to test the system to see if it is operational? I have the manual but it must have been written by someone who figures the owner knows how the system works because it doesn't give basic operating instructions.

By the way, the rear mdc must have had water in over the winter where the pitot tubes terminate because it failed a few days ago.. split open and spewed water when the boat was moving and soaked the carpets.. took a long time to figure out where the water came from... think I will ensure I disconnect those tubes when I winterize next fall... we get -25C temps up here in the great white north.

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Their website is barebones and has no operating features. It just has their email addresses. Will try to email them and get the info.

I didn't think they were still around but they have a site. You can try them. I know quite a few people that love that system.


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