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Going for 2006 Test Drive tomorrow, what to do...

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Going upto Sun & Ski marine in Bala located in Muskoka to test drive a 2006 VLX.

What kind of thing should I be paying attention to? I've never owned a ski/wakebaord boat and this is going to be the first experience and investment.

I am comming out of a Baja 170 with a 150hp Johnson. I know it's not going to be as fast, but what kind of turns, or actions should I be taking?

I know of going thought some wakes, turning, acceleration, smoothness, solidness of the boat.

I've done a fair bit of research, just maybe some pointers from some experienced people. I'm not worried about the dealer, they are very reputable. Wonder if am going to be driving the boats that were used during Wakestock? They provided all the boats for the event?

Thanks in advance for you input.

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You got it. Test how well it handles at different speeds, comes out of the hole, goes over waves, etc.

It's a hardcore wakeboard boat (flatter bottom), so it won't take heavy waves as well your Baja, but will pull much harder out of the hole, and hold a very steady wakeboard speed much easier.

You're right, it won't be as fast. Wakeboard boats top out just over 40, which is about 2x as fast as they need to be, heh. You'll spend 90% of your time between 20 and 25, and they purr like a kitten there.

Check out the built-in ballast systems, and other controls.

Notice it won't steer worth a crap in reverse, a "feature" of all inboard type boats. Also notice it steers AWESOME at speed in forward, where you spend your time.

Then notice how great it is for just hanging out on the lake and swimming. Swim platform on back, no engine or prop even close to getting in the way.

If like me, you'll love it, and never go back to an outboard or i/o.

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[ What kind of thing should I be paying attention to? I've never owned a ski/wakebaord boat and this is going to be the first experience and investment.

Just use it like you plan to if you puchase it. Make sure a Corona in the

little wetsuit insulator will fit into the Stewert Stainless cupholder properly.

Ask the CFO if you look good driving it. If you have a family, load them up in

it & watch the grins on their faces, take a couple of good cd's with you &

don't forget the checkbook - consider it SOLD.

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Inboards steer by swinging the rear left or right. I/Os and outboards steer the front of the boat left or right. And as mentioned, inboards do not steer in reverse, you have to learn to use position and torque to position the boat. Reverse is basically a brake. In other words it will be far better than anything you have experienced before.

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You're right, Sun & Ski in Bala is awesome. They are my dealer and they do a very good job from sales to after sales service. You can't go wrong with Martin, Doug or any of the service team. Have fun on the test drive. If you are use to the baja, the Malibu will blow you away. There's nothing like driving one of these quality boats. Biggrin.gif

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Well I went for my drive and it was awesome! The Boat blew me away! It was a 2006 model with all kinds of options. The boat I drove was equipped with the Monsoon 340 engine which is plenty powerful and toped off at 50-51 mph on the speedo. Also it had the power wedge which was so cool to see in action and how is shaped the wake. Doug did a great job of showing it's unique features. THe boat also had heated seat, 3 was heat blower, front ballast, depth sounder, exhaust turn downs, billet glove box door, fiberglass platform, docking lights and stereo pre-wire. He does this because most people put their own audio in the boat and wiring is a pain so it's done and the speaker holes on the dash are cut you just have to cut the vynil.

The conditions were too rough to try out behind the boat, but I got a good indication of what it be like. I saw how the ballasts worked and how well the boat gets out of the hole and corners! Damn it drives like a dream.

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Yeah the new illusions are MUCH easier to fold down, the retaining pins can be a pain to get in and out, and they need to be adjusted by the dealer, but once its dialed in I think it will work great. A person can raise or lower the tower from right beside the mount, when the boats on the trailer to give you an idea about how easy it is.

And there is no way a VLX with a monsoon will do 50, hell my response with a monsoon will maybe touch 50, but more like 48-49.


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I am pretty sure the speedo was off. Mine seemed off by quite a bit, and then I calibrated it with a GPS. You can adjust it easily with the speedo switch. I matched it to the speed on my Perfect Pass. I have only been able to get about 46 out of mine.

But, like was said earlier, they drive like a dream in the 20's!!

Glad you had a good demo. Did you write a check yet??

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Maybe the Speedo was off, but on a brand new boat? I thought they would maybe calibrate when they do the factory testing before they ship out. I can understand with time it may be out of spec. Boat still felt strong with the monsoon and the operating costs are nice too. doug worked it out, with the monsoon to do wakeboarding it works out to be about $25 cnd per hour in fuel. compared to the hammerhead that is about an astonishing $40 per hour.

Plus on paper the monsoon has 395 ft lbs of torque and the hammerhead has 425...so your only benifiting on the top end and now really out of the hole.

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I am pretty sure the speedo was off.  Mine seemed off by quite a bit, and then I calibrated it with a GPS.  You can adjust it easily with the speedo switch.  I matched it to the speed on my Perfect Pass.  I have only been able to get about 46 out of mine.

46 for the Monsoon and about 49 mph for the HH 383.

BTW, that blue and grey is SWEET! I would be on that like.......well you know the rest

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