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Electrical Issues 91 Malibu Skier please help

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Im new to owning a malibu. I picked up a 91 Malibu Skier for very little money with 550 hours on it a few weeks ago and love it.

The running lights didnt work. When I removed the bezel I found the front wiring was disconnected. When attached not only does it now not work, but my bilge pump no longer works either. Its a new rule 500 gph pump operated off of a toggle switch in the dash. No fuses are blown. Im about to get rain for 3 days, and while the boat is covered, I dont want to use a siphon pump to keep the water out of it. The light was the last thing I had to fix to have it 100%. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. By the way, this site is great.

I've already done the following on the boat if its of any help:

I bought the boat from the same guy who built my house. It was somewhat neglected and he just didn't want to deal with it. - -- When purchased it wouldn't run over 2800 rpm, it cut out, but idled great. The engine issue was solved with a coil, the old one was cracked, it runs perfect now. Plugs and wires were done last year.

- Was taking on water through the wax seal, seal was fine, tightened and fixed.

- The interior needed work, all the seat bottoms were torn and the white vinyl looked dark grey. I re-upholstered the seat bottoms with marine vinyl and a lot of elbow grease on the rest, shampooed the carpets and it looks great, he thought I had the entire boat re-upholstered when he saw it.

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I can't really help. If I were you I'd use a tester to see if electricity is going to the running light wires at the bezel, then try different switches if it doesn't. If no switch gives it power, run new wires.

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Congrats on the boat!

Well if your Skier is like mine you should have seperate switches on the dash for the bildge, lights, blower and a momentary for the horn.

Our bildge switch will turn the pump on. There is also a float switch that will turn the pump on if the water level in the bildge gets too deep.

The light switch is wires to the bow light as well as the white mast light socket that is mounted on the dash top. I would grab a meter and test for 12V with the lights on at the bow light (I'm guessing thats what was disconnected) and at the light socket. If you don't have 12V there, start back at the switch and work your way to the lights tracing the wire. I hope your not any chubbier than me - it's tight in the bow. Thumbup.gif

As far as the bildge, I'd disconnect the light that you reconnected and make sure it still doesn't work. If it works with the light connected there are some wiring issues that need sorted out (somehow the lighting wiring has been mixed with the bildge pump).

Let me know if you are curious about wriing color - I can check mine and let you know. Happy to help out! Good luck. Thumbup.gif

As far as the rain - pull your midship plug (right behind the ski pylon) to take care of water in the bildge.

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Thanks for the replys. I found out it was the fuse block itself that was bad. Replaced that, re-wired the lights to a new toggle switch and everything works perfect. Was out last night. Thanks again

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