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Packing Removal Tool?

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Ok....do any of you guys have a favorite packing removal tool....and/or method?

Do you use some special purpose hook-shaped remover, or simply a pick to get the end started out??

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Just put a new length of rope in, don't bother pulling the old one out.

But I see no reason you would have burnt through the packing on an 07, you can probably just tighten it and be all set.


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I agree.

I didn't make it out on the lake last night for my final adjustment, but even on my 05 with 240 hrs on it, I wouldn't expect to need to replace it. I made the same adjustment on my 94 205 when it had like 500 or 600 hrs on it. Just tightened it down 1/16th of a turn or so & it was good to go.

I've never seen a rating for how long these packings are supposed to be good. Maybe someone else has.

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But I see no reason you would have burnt through the packing on an 07, you can probably just tighten it and be all set.

Yep....you're right about that, but I thought instead of tightening up on the OEM wax packing, I'd change it out to the new "virtually dripless" Gortex packing. Much easier install than the actual "dripless". and much improved over the wax rope stuff. Gortex doesn't dry out nor score the shaft as easily.

Probably just use a pick or small screwdriver to remove the old packing, but I read somewhere that there was a special "hook shaped" tool to ease removal. Ever heard of such a tool???

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Interesting. I didn't even see this when I looked up the dripless OJ. $15 & never have to mess with it again? Sounds almost too good to be true.

Anyone ever use this GFO packing?

Heres a how-to on replacing the prop packing. The guy uses what looks like a dental tool to pick the rope out.

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And another good referral there PP. I've got the double ended pick set, which I know I would eventually stab through my palm at some point.

That small, inexpensive 4pc set looks like a winner (and I won't stab my hand....at least it's LESS likely!) Heading to Sears in an hour to see what they've got in stock locally....

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Just got off the phone with one of the guys at Skidim.com. I swapped email with them yesterday. They have several new options rather than the old waxy rope packing now.

The best option for me is the GFO packing made with Gore-tex. They call it a "virtually dripless" packing because you can tighten down the brass nuts so that they don't leak hardly at all. The material dissipates heat better than the waxy rope & does not need water to stay cool. He said you install it the same, cut 3 pieces, insert them in the nut so the seams are at different places around the shaft. And tighten it down. Virtually no leaks, dry bilge, and he said they have many happy customers with it. Makes you wonder why any boat manufacturer is not installing this type of packing at the factory.

They also have a dripless seal. This is probably the best option as far as leak proof. But you have to remove the prop shaft coupler, which is a tapered press fit similar to the prop. Sounds like a royal PITA to get off to me.

Great how-to on their site.

I found cheap picks at HF... of course.

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Trick that I used that worked well was to use a pick, stick it into the packing, and then turn the nut. The threads of the nut helped to back the packing out.

Worked for me.


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The best option for me is the GFO packing made with Gore-tex.....

Hey AirJunky....thanks AGAIN!!!! The "virtually dripless" GFO packing is on it's way to me now. I ordered both the 3/16 for the stuffing box, and 1/4 for the rudder packing (should it be leaking too). Always like "stock", so I've got enough on it's way for a coupla changes (should it ever be necessary again). You (and all the other guys here on this site) are a real asset to us Malibu owners. Good on ya!!! I fly my JR outa Van Nuys...maybe we'll meet up in the air sometime too.... Thumbup.gifThumbup.gifThumbup.gif

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Right on, Rustie. I ordered the GFO for the prop yesterday too. Looking forward to getting it done soon. He said there is enough in the $12 package to do 2 prop packings

I didn't even think about the doing the rudder too. Let us know how that goes. I've never even tried to remove the rudder, much less repack the packing.

I dropped the boat back in the lake last night. Had my wife driving while I made the packing adjustments. What a stupid setup. Took me about a half hour to get right. Everytime I'd get the main nut set right, then tighten down the jam nut, it would change the leak rate.... either way too much or not at all. Finally got it dialed so that it drips about every 5 - 7 seconds when the boat is in gear. Can't wait to yard that POS out & just snug it down good so it doesn't leak at all.

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